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So You Think You Can Dance and now there were twelve

Tonight’s episode started out well there was a high energy hip hop group number choreographed by Juliette Verne , Natalie Bassingthwaite came out shimmering dumping the Terri Irwin look, but now channelling Sandy in Grease as played by Olivia Newton-John, and she controlled her eyes movements during her opening gambit. Fabulous Nat was looking good and sounding good.

Then we had the disastrous opening repartee with the three judges, which culminated in her saying about Jason “We are not dating”. That gets the stating the obvious award of the month.

Speaking of Jason why was he dressed up as a silver christmas cracker complete with red and green decorations on it? It was just far to shiny.

It was time to find out who was bottom three.

First up on stage were Camilla and Sermsah, and Demi and Jack. No surprise that the couple that I had not predicted in the bottom three were actually in the bottom three. Camilla and Sermsah were going to have to dance for their lives.

Next up was the Rhys and Jemma, and Vanessa and Henry. Rhys had decided to turn himself into a Salvador Dali painting by having read paint looking like blood running down his head complete with razor blade earring.

Or maybe he was subtly advertising the Van Gogh drama Yellow House to be shown on ABC2 next Sunday night, which the SMH TV Guide rates as it show of the week.

Henry was not looking as hunky as last night as unfortunately the demanding lifestyle has made him develop a cold sore.

After some bewilderment on why either of these couples would be bottom two it was revealed they were both safe for another week.

The last three on stage were Laura and Anthony, JD and Rhiannon, and Graeme and Kate.

Graeme and Kate after their very good contemporary number were told they were safe. At this point I was happy as this week for the first time I had managed to predict two of the bottom three.

Judges looked like they had already decided who was to go, Jason was smirking and congratulated Australia on getting it right this week. Matt Lee was pretty happy as well.

Natalie just about confirmed the judges knew who was going home when she said “I think their (the dancers) ready to come out and show us what they’ve got anyway”

Camilla’s solo was lots of twirls and kicks but not much else.
Sermsah’s solo I really enjoyed the indigenous mixed with the contemporary.
Laura’s solo was stronger but her feet were all over the place.
Anthony’s solo was his usual flips and jumps however this week he did connect the tricks with some dancing.
Rhiannon’s solo was ok a lot of thrusting and running around on stage, I didn’t think it shows how versatile she is, and last JD who did his usual languid hip hop.

Finally it was time to reveal who was going home.

First up were the girls.

Jason tried to keep the suspense but it did not take any clairvoyant skills to work out who would be going.

Camilla was told her solo was not great and that was taken into account tonight, Laura was told her technique was the weakest, and Rhiannon was told she over danced her solo however it was still strong.

Even before Jason had said her name the camera panned in on Laura, and it was announced her journey was over.

After Laura gave a speech that was longer then one at the Oscars, I kept on expecting music come in, it was time to find out which of the boys was to go.

Jason slammed all three solos, for Sermsah and Anthony it was the same moves they had seen in the auditions, and for JD it was because his dancing does not read well through the camera. He needs to pick up his energy.

At this point I am thinking come on Jason just put JD out of his misery, but oh no in a shock move Sermsah was the one to be told he was going home.

JD has not three not so great routines in a row, and he gets to stay???? Is it because he is the only hip hop person left? Or are they wanting to ensure Camilla gets a good shot at the title, and got rid of her weaker dance partner? Or would the short Rhiannon with the very tall Anthony been just unworkable.

Whatever the reason I thought the decision was exceptionally ordinary.

Also ordinary was Natalie’s patronising speech about Sermsah at the end about what a difficult journey it had been for him, I was squirming in my seat.

Sermsah was an amazing original dancer, who was not technically perfect but he certainly had better screen presence, looks and personality then JD.

The new pairing will be Camilla, and Anthony.


1 Anonymous { 03.10.08 at 10:22 pm }

Hee, despite us disagreeing on the whole Marko thing, I agree with pretty much everything you wrote here, tonight! Especially the Sermsah and JD stuff.

Why is JD still there? It causes me to get paranoid and think something dodgy is going on.

2 Reality Raver { 03.10.08 at 10:32 pm }

I was so confident that JD was going when the camera panned onto the judges “arguing” over who was going. I said to my partner “They are fighting over where to go for dinner after the show!”

3 Anonymous { 03.10.08 at 11:16 pm }

As far as JD staying, it parallels the American version when season 2’s Ivan stayed. And although it seemed a bad decision at the time, apparently they knew what they were doing because Ivan developed into a fantastic versatile dancer. Hopefully that happens here as well.

but Sermsah? Especially after his best dance? If this show is about “the journey” (and how I hate that terminology), then Sermsah’s journey has been more compelling and profound than either of the other two men he stood with. Struggling to overcome feelings of inadequacy and become more confident in his ability? Now THAT’S a journey I want to see.

If the judges are upset that the dancers are repeating moves from their audtions, there is a way around that. Since the show is about versatility, have the Dance For Your Life be any genre other than your own. Let the dancers show us what they’ve picked up.

4 Anonymous { 03.10.08 at 11:35 pm }

To be honest, I see more parallels between JD and Cedric, than Ivan. I think JD and Cedric are equal in terms of their (non)versatility.

5 Anonymous { 03.11.08 at 12:17 am }

That was a moment of pure agony – I had managed to put Cedric out of mind. And then I read your reply and remembered his “performances”.

6 Anonymous { 03.11.08 at 1:12 am }

I guess I am anonymous #5.

Yeah, JD to Cedric, not Ivan. Ivan was awkward in his Salsa in the first week, but he had no problems since.

Both JD and Cedric managed to last four weeks when they were clearly struggling.

7 soobee { 03.11.08 at 3:32 am }

Yeah, I posted a couple of weeks on Blogging SYTYCD that JD reminded me of Cedric (interesting B Boys, no formal training, limited in other styles), and Cedric beat out Jesus until he *finally* got punted :) out. So…um…what gives??? Sermsah might not be the most versatile dancer, but he is compelling, that’s for sure, and his journey is fascinating. But JD’s???

I am not watching the shows until later (since I’m in the states), but I’m baffled by keeping JD on. Is there anyone else who COULD go other than JD?

*shaking head*

8 Reality Raver { 03.11.08 at 9:47 am }

Anon I like your idea regarding making the solo’s to be in a genre other then you own.

Now that could be interesting.

The only arguement against it could be the people who dance a number of styles eg Rhiannon both hip hop and jazz.

I don’t think JD is in the same league as Ivan, as I don’t find JD captivating in his own style.

I think what Jason said last night was correct that he looks good on stage but does not come across on camera.

9 Onadrought { 03.11.08 at 12:28 pm }

I don’t think the journey is relevant to SYTYCD contestants. It should be about the best dancer.

It is not the Biggest Loser.

It should be about the dancing not about the insecurities.

I thought JD’s solo was ok, and I thought Suri would be eliminated.

10 Anonymous { 03.11.08 at 12:44 pm }

Anonymous #5 here.

I agree with onadrought, the show shouldn’t be about a journey . It is a competition with $200,000 and other prizes at stake. The better dancers (and the dancers who cross train) should not be punished because they experienced their journey before they went on the show.

11 soobee { 03.12.08 at 7:26 am }

Except that in the states, it has been about the journey. For example, both Lauren and Neil got MUCH stronger as time went on. (Interestingly, Dominic was not that great without Sabra.) Danny was always amazing, BUT his partnering skills got stronger and his personality came out more as the weeks went on. If it’s just about the strongest dancer, well, the show is pretty much over from day one.

That said, if a dancer continues to be in the bottom three every week or isn’t getting stronger, then I don’t know why the dancer wouldn’t be eliminated…(yes, I’m thinking of JD)

And I LOVE the idea of having someone dance in a style outside of his/her own. So even if someone is good in several different styles he/she would be required to try a different one each time (if necessary). So if Cedric had to do something other than hip hop, he probably (probably) would have been eliminated sooner. HOWEVER, I think the judges do keep the solos AND the dancers work from week to week in mind when choosing who will stay and who will be eliminated. (At least that was typically the case in S3 of SYTYCD, at least for the most part.)

12 Anonymous { 03.12.08 at 9:47 am }

Sorry, I don’t think Lauren and Neil got stronger as the show went on. They got more suitable styles as the show went on.

As for the dancers doing solo out of their genres. Hmm, isn’t that what the random partner dances are for? The solos are supposed to showcase the best dancing on the show. The dancers who do poor solos (choreography-wise or technique wise) deserve to go home as they are not prepared.

13 Onadrought { 03.12.08 at 12:57 pm }

Soobee, I think you have misinterpreted what I meant by journey.

The great thing about this show is seeing the progress they make and seeing their personalities in different dance styles.

Also how they gel with different partners.

I love all that.

But I also love that this show is about great dance talent and not about behind the scenes bulls**t, anxieties, and personal problems.

Allowances should not be made for hurdles they have overcome to make the top 20. For examples you don’t win in the olympics just because you have had a troubled childhood.

If you want to see anxieties and anguish watch Big Brother or the Biggest Loser.

SYTYCD is quality, both US and Aust versions, because we can simply enjoy great dancers getting better, and that is a journey I don’t mind seeing.