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Mary Murphy from So You Think You Can Dance Gives dishes on the Australian version

Mary Murphy the US judge from So You Think You Can Dance gives her opinion about the Australian version of the show in an interview with TV Week. Unfortunately it is not online.

I have summarised the most interesting bits out of it:

  • Mary thought the standard of dance was really high, but some fell short.
  • She thought it was not necessarily their fault because some are really talented dancers, but some were not challenged enough;
  • She thought it was great that the choreographers are trying to create new things, but “if you’re going to call it soul swing we’d better see some swing!;
  • There would be quite a few Aussie dancers who would make the US top 20;
  • She was pleasantly surprised by the level of dancers and the quality of overall production;
  • Her favourites are Graeme, Henry and Sermsah;
  • But the biggest surprise for her was Rhys. “He walks around the set and he’s fun and he has a weak appearance, but then he stepped on stage and he was very masculine and in charge.” she said;
  • In the elimination show Mary was on she thought prior to the solo’s that Laura and Marko would be going home, but after Marko’s amazing solo Mary wanted to keep him – apparently there were heated conversations between the judges;
  • She said it would be a major shock if they lost Rhys right now or even Sermsah (whoops) or Jack;
  • A world wide SYTYCD is a possibility in the future. She said we are probably a year away from that. The show is seen in 48 countries so more are doing their own versions now;
  • Dave “Sex” Soller did not come to the auditions this year for the US version of SYTYCD as there was no audition in New York;

and for those who want to know how to get on the hot tamale train Mary said:
“To be on the hot tamale train, it’s somebody that I’ve probably screamed for. For me it usually has to be somebody extraordinary. You can get a ticket on the train, or you can go there first class and you’re heading to the finale if I put on that train!”


1 Anonymous { 03.12.08 at 2:21 am }

That’s really interesting, thanks heaps for typing it up for us!

2 soobee { 03.12.08 at 3:00 am }

Thanks! I wonder what she thought about JD, considering that she didn’t want Sermsah to go (neither did I).

I DO NOT like Bonnie Lythgoe. I just don’t. I find her extremely annoying in her gushiness. I am a HUGE Jason fan, and Matt’s okay (very cute). Nat does nothing for me either way.

Here’s my prediction on Idol: Kristy Lee Cook goes home, though I want Amanda “let me screech and look upset about it!!!” Obermeyer to.

3 Anonymous { 03.30.08 at 3:55 am }

OOOOoooooo, I am going all fan-girl over the idea of a world-wide SYTYCD!!! Awesome. Thanks or reporting.


4 Sean { 06.11.08 at 8:05 am }