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American Idol – And now there were 11

Tonight’s show had me totally confused on which age demographic American Idol is aiming for. First we had the acknowledged cross promotion of the Fox G rated movie Horton Wants a Who so I presume that was aiming for the under 12’s and the mums with kids.

However Ryan Seacrest, said that next weeks show has now been changed and the Idol’s will be singing more songs from the Lennon/McCartney songbook. So the babyboomers win again. I am hoping, as is David Archuleta that I have misheard Ryan and it is actually rock night.

Ryan Seacrest was sparkling tonight, as he was last night. Reality TV Magazine query whether he had been sipping from the same cup as Paula Abdul, because of his whacky behaviour. Either way I thought he was on fire both tonight and last night.

As usual Ryan did not take long to get down to business, and Syesha was announced to be the first in the bottom three.

I had not realised that all bottom 3 contestants had to sing their song again, and hopefully Australian Idol won’t take on that format change, as normally these people are in the bottom 3 for a reason. Did we really need to sit through Kristy-Lee’s song again?

The last person in the bottom three was David Hernandez so clearly the gay vote did not save him.

He was also the one to be eliminated.

Kansas City has an interesting article on whether being gay hinders your chances on Idol. One of the questions raised was whether the delightful Danny Noreiga was a victim of this discrimination.

Danny was my favourite and I wish he was still there, but his rendition of Tainted Love was probably one of the weakest of the night.

Having said that the article does have some valid points.

Speaking of Danny he continues his post-Idol career with an interview on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. If you want to see him on the show click here.


1 soobee { 03.14.08 at 12:53 am }

I think Idol is milking Lennon/McCarthy b/c it took this long for them to get permission to use the catalog. There are so many songs that it isn’t a bad idea. I just hope the contestants use better songs (I’m talking to YOU, David Archuleta!). Kristy Lee Cook is SO lucky she gets another chance; I doubt her next song will be countrified very much, if at all. Speaking of which, Phil from last year is nearly done with his solo album, and from the two tracks on his myspace page, they sound pretty good.

I was surprised that David Hernandez was let go. Maybe it was part of the stripper issue? I dunno. I think he was a decent singer, but I’m not crying about it.

The set underwhelms. Ryan is as funny as usual. The cross promotion with Jim Carrey was not funny AT ALL. The Ford spots always bore me, as does the singers with the group song at the top of the results show (compare that with the group number of SYTYCD–*that’s* the way to work it). And I don’t really care who the “mentors” will be, as long as one of them is NOT Diana Ross.

I do think David Cook has a good chance of winning. I think he and Carly are the front runners now.

2 Reality Raver { 03.14.08 at 7:30 am }

I have to confess I thought the Ford ad was super slick. The advertising budgets for products in Aust is much smaller.

I loved the US Presidential election take off.

I think it is a big risk doing the same genre two weeks in a row, yes Nigel Lythgoe and Simon Fuller may remember the Beatles from when they were actually playing, but alot of people cannot. I like the Beatles but not that much.

If they want to stick with iconic bands, why not do the Rolling Stones?

Agree with you re: Kristy Lee Cook. Thank god from Fox IQ as I fast forwarded through all the bottom 3 performances, once was enough.

They should have brought on Chikiezie on for an encore.

3 soobee { 03.14.08 at 8:05 am }

The worst thing is that in the past you only had to hear the bottom ONE. Now you have to hear the bottom THREE. I’d like to hear the TOP THREE. As you say, once is quite enough for me, thanks very much.

I do think the Lennon/McCarthy part 2 decision is based on how long it took them to get permission (and how much they paid?). I would have preferred they do it later, maybe week five or six? I was hoping for 90s night!!!