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So You Think You Can Dance Australia – Secrets revealed

Well that was the cover on this week’s TV Week, and how could I resist. Unfortunately the article is not online.

So here is all the gossip.

Rhys – I was gay bashed.

“There was an incident at the Adelaide Sleaze Ball two years ago when I was physically assaulted by a drunk member of the public” said Rhys. “I was in the park outside the venue when this guy started yelling abuse at this woman and calling her the foulest names. We made eye contact, he started up on me and I retaliated. He ended up walking up to me and just started laying into me. He was twice my size and he was punching into the back of my head. I couldn’t really defend myself, so I just curled up like an armadillo.”

Rhys was forced to ask his dad to come and pick him up, but he couldn’t bring himself to admit what had happened.

Even now, Rhys gets flashbacks to that night, but he tries to put them out of his mind. “Sometimes I bottle things like this up” he says. “I seem like a confident person, but I have my own inner battles. I just don’t let people see it very often.”

The Truth Behind Demi’s Love Split

When Demi was first introduced at the Melbourne auditions, she was with her girlfriend Nikki (the one that had the meltdown in the toilet after being cut after the choreography round).

Nikki auditioned again in Sydney and made the top 100, but her and Demi were not shown together again.

“We were already on rocky ground and during top-100 week, I decided that was it,”Demi explains. “I’d wanted to [break up] for so long and I was feeling really good about myself. I just felt brave enough to go ‘Yeah this is it’.”

Demi does not blame the show for the split, and confirms the two are still friends.

But she does credit the show for her new found confidence. “I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy” and “The show has helped me grow and embrace the feminine side of myself.”

At the moment, Demi says she’s not looking for love.

“I don’t have the head space for it”

But she doesn’t rule out a relationship in the further – with a man or woman.

“Love is love. I haven’t always been with women. I have dated men.”

Backstage Romances

Rhiannon, Vanessa and Anthony have managed to find time for romance as well as being on the show.

Rhiannon meet her boyfriend during top 100. “His name is Cisco – the one who cried about his sister!” she laughs. ” We met and became friends, but we were both with other people at that point”.

After they had broken up with their partners they got together. Cisco has been working as a choreographers assistance on the show.

Vanessa also met her boyfriend, who she won’t name, during the auditions and says their relationship is going strong, despite the demands of the show.

Anthony has also met someone, but he won’t say more – including about his sexuality. “Am I gay? Australia really doesn’t care about my sex life,” he said “It’s more about my dancing at the moment.”

Looking for love

Jack, JD, Henry and Graeme are all single – and on the lookout for some romance.

JD 26 would love to meet a beautiful and mature women. “Between 22 and 30. She doesn’t have to be a dancer just someone who wants to make a difference in the world.”

Henry would love to have women throw themselves at him. “I’m waiting for it to happen,” he laughs “Where are they?”(Well Henry just email me your mobile and I will post it on my blog, you will get heaps of interest)

Henry admits he actually had a crush on someone else in the show! He won’t name names since most of the girls are spoken for.

Jack says while he’s too busy for romance at the moment, he’s certainly open to the idea of love once the show ends.

“I’ve only ben in relationships with girls, but I believe you can fall in love with anyone you want,” It’s about the person, not the sex.” Bugger Sydney has clearly gotten to him…

Graeme has recently broken up withhis girlfriend and is “single and looking”. He says that being a Mormon isn’t a problem. “I’d have to marry a Mormon girl, but it’s not an issue at the moment,” he says. “I’m only 18 and I’m having fun.”

Are Mormons allowed to have sex before marriage? Will mormons take over SYTYCDA like the Hillsong church did for last years Idol. I am sure Today Tonight are already working on the story.

Couples at War
“Camilla and I had some ups and downs,” concedes Sermsah “We had counselling at one stage with the in-house psychologist”

The tension mainly occurred because of their different dancing styles.

“When it comes to choreography, she’s a really fast learner and picks it up quickly. My process is to learn slowly and hit the crescendo.”

He also admits to having problems with his partner’s condescending attitude to him, which she often revealed in her comments to the judges. “It’s something that I found patronising at one stage. Yeah, fair enough, you can criticise [me], but at least make it constructive.”

By contrast, Jemma admits that with such a flamboyant partner [Rhys], she’s worried if she does make it into the top 10, she won’t have an identity.

“Everyone will be like,”Who’s Jemma?” she says, “It does feel like that quite a bit.”

In fact, the judges focus so heavily on Rhys, Jemma’s considered taking drastic action to get their attention.

“One time I was like, “I wonder if I walk off stage , will they notice?” But she’s hoping keeping a low profile will ultimately work to her advantage.

“I might be the dark horse – the invisible one that pops up at the end.”

Lastly for all the boys out there who like Kate and Camilla both are in committed relationships.

I thought it was ironic that partners Jack and Demi may have “turned” each other. “Gay” Demi would consider boys, and “straight” Jack would consider boys now. I hope he does not lose the teen girl vote after this revelation.

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1 Onadrought { 03.18.08 at 6:28 pm }

Having same sex is pretty much de rigeur amongst the young set these days, although I reckon for Jack this is a pretty easy way to come out, since others on the show are so comfortable with it. Maybe they need to have a sexy salsa between two of the boys, although don’t know if poss in 7.30 time slot.