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American Idol Final 11 show and elimination

The American Idol final 11 show was a perfect example of you can over do the Beatles – was it really necessary to do it two weeks in a row, something Simon Cowell remarked on about halfway through the show.

Some quick comments on the show:

  • Last week was Lennon/McCartney songs, and this week the Beatles, ok so this added the three songs George and Ringo wrote, but it really was the same genre;
  • Is Simon Cowell over it this year, he just looks totally bored, and keeps on rolling his eyes, was he doing that last year?
  • Where was Mariah Carey – or did I read internet articles wrong – or was her mentor show (which is still to come) been shifted to another week. Does this mean the boys have to sing Mariah Carey numbers?
  • Speaking of mentors, Dolly Parton is going to be one, this quite excited me for some reason, the Andrew Lloyd-Webber, and Neil Diamond not so much. The Gen Y performers would probably like some Gen Y mentors rather then the baby boomers the producers are trotting out.

As I am so late with my re-cap due to going to a Sinead O’Connor concert and other commitments I will keep it brief.

Amanda Overmeyer’s “Back In The USSR” was screechy in parts and was starting to show her up as a one trick pony. However she looked the best I have seen her as a sexy rock chick, and also she allowed more of her personality to show. Judges gave it the thumbs down.

Kristy Lee Cook sang “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away” – Bland, bland, bland. As Simon said “You are making no impact and not a good performer”.

The highlight of her performance was when after Simon’s comment she said “I am going to blow your sock’s off next week.” and the slow burn she had when she realised why people were cracking up.

David Archuleta sang “The Long and Winding Road”. This week his dad won’t be screaming at him as it was a lovely rendition. There is something engaging about this guy, even in his pre song packages. Can someone who has won Starsearch really be that modest and overwhelmed at the attention he is receiving? It does seem genuine.

Judges loved it: Randy Jackson said” Brought the hotness back to his game”.

Simon said “Amazing” and (referred back to crapness of Kristy Lee’s performance) “Sell a song and remember a performance – that was a masterclass”.

Fellow Australian Michael John’s was next with “A Day In A Life” – to think I was excited when he made top 24. He is completely underwhelming me. The arrangement of the song I thought was ok, his performance was not.

I am starting think he is not as talented as he thinks he is. As Simon said “You have to sort yourself out”.

Paula Abdul said ” In dress rehearsal you were phenomenal”

Brooke White sang “Here Comes The Sun”. Just too cutsie, especially the twirl and the whoa in the middle of the song. She cannot dance and looks much more comfortable behind a piano.

Also it irritated me how she spoke over Simon to talk to the audience as he was panning her.

David Cook was next with the Whitesnake version of “Daytripper” – complete with guitar and vocoda.

I quite liked it and his performance did make him stand out from the pack. Simon thought differently and said “I don’t think it was as good as you thought it was” and “A bit predictable”

Carly Smithson was next with “Blackbird” – she has a great voice however she just does not do it for me. I thought it a tad boring. Also her talking over Simon was not a great idea.

Jason Castro sang “Michelle” This was like something from Young Talent Time, but the teeny boppers will just keep voting for him, as Simon said “Lucky it is a TV show not a radio show as your face sold that.”

Syesha Mercardo who sang “Yesterday” after landing in the bottom 3 last week, decided to court the male vote by wearing a plunging neck line. She did look hot.

I like her rendition with just an acoustic guitarist beside her. Only criticism was that she did not need the vocal gymnastics at the end of the song. Judges gave it the thumbs up.

Chikezie did “I’ve Just Seen A Face”. You were either going to like or hate this rendition and I liked it. I liked how he played the harmonica, and then turned it into a country/ bluegrass rendition. But the judges had a mixed reaction.

Randy said “Good and bad parts” and “harmonica strange”

Paula “loved it”

Simon said “I thought it started off ok, and then you played the harmonica”

Ramielle Malubay was last with “I Should Have Known Better”. Ok she was not dressed like an office worker this week, but she sounded like one at karaoke bar on a Friday night. It was cheesy.

Randy like it.

Simon said “Amateurish.

The bottom three this week were:

A surprised Carly Smithson – who got all weepy – she needs to show a bit of the Kristy-Lee Cook fortitude.

Predictably Kristy-Lee Cook and Amanda Overmeyer.

Carly was first to be given the good news. And then we were told Amanda was eliminated what???? Kristy -Lee is going to make the top 10 tour, who is voting for her?

Ok Amanda would have got a bit dull after a few more weeks, but at least she wasn’t dull from the beginning. Shame America shame.


1 soobee { 03.21.08 at 11:20 am }

Okay, briefly:

1) Awful to have two weeks of the Beatles songbook. Not because it was the Beatles but b/c the singers had NO clue what to do with the songs this go round. Why? I do not know.

2) Kristy Lee Cook has no right to be on the tour, but there you go.

3) Carly Smithson did not deserve to be in the bottom three, not by a mile, but it is what is, and you have to admire Kristy for being so gracious (and if she doesn’t go next week, I am just out of reasoning).

4) I LOVED David Cook’s song. I love David Cook. He is numero uno in my book, and he WILL be selling out stadiums in the near future, IMO.

5) David Archaleta had a great week and is a fine singer, but just doesn’t have the look for it (or the maturity, my mom and I believe). However, the tweens are typically the ones who vote, so he could win.

6) I think Chickize is hysterical. I await each song with a smile.

7) I do think Amanda was a good choice. She just is not an American Idol. She looked awkward in every photo shoot, every commerical, every interview, and in…everything. I hope there is a place for her in Joan Jett land, but it isn’t part of AI.

8) What the hell does anyone see in Kellie “look at my red shoes!” Pickler? Hated her two years, hated her now.

9) Jason and Brooke blew it big time, but then again, David A came back strong this week, so give them another try. I think Brooke in particular will be much more careful in the future. No yellow dresses again, though, PLEASE.

My power five:

David Cook (yep, he’s my first)
David Archaleta
Carly Smithson
Brooke White
Jason Castro (not the strongest singer, but so cute, and also big with the tweens)

2 soobee { 03.21.08 at 11:21 am }

Feedback welcome. Glad you had such a great time at the Sinead O’Connor concert, lucky you, RR! :)