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Choreographers hit back at Meryl Tankard

In an article on choreographers accused Meryl Tankard of being patronising and arrogant over her criticism of a reality TV dance competition.

The article related to Meryl Tankards comments can be found in a previous blog titled Meryl Tankard implies dance should not be for the masses.

The best quote in the article is from Fellow choreographer Robyn Moase.

“I was outraged and somewhat amused that somebody whose claim to fame is ‘fish swimming in mid-air’ at the Sydney 2000 Olympics opening ceremony, and who has bored so many people with her self-indulgent work, would dare to dismiss commercial dancers in such a totally arrogant, uninformed and patronising manner,” Moase said.

“About 10 years ago, I sat through an evening of Meryl’s contemporary work . . . I thought, ‘My God, she’s been given money to do this? Her concepts are odd and she has not brought them to any kind of choreographic fruition. It looks amateur’

I could not put it better myself. Meryl consider yourself put back in your box.


1 Natalie Bassingthwaite says F**k You To Meryl Tankard. | reality ravings { 01.18.09 at 3:49 pm }

[…] Tankard who is a choreographer and who considers herself a part of the arts intelligensia in Australia famously took a swipe at the popular dance show last year. She said the performances were so awful on SYTYCD that they should not be considered dance. Also she said “It’s like a fast-food version of dance.” Previous stories on the Tankard’s criticisms are here and here. […]

2 Stephen { 02.12.10 at 12:10 am }

It really bothers me that people like Nat Bassingthwaighte, David Atkins and Robyn Moase are publicly critiquing Meryl’s ‘comments’ when it is so obvious they’ve clearly been taken out of context. They should know better! It’s extremely naive on their bahalf, not to mention childish. The criticism is unbelievably high-school like. Telling Meryl to ‘F*ck off’ is classy, not to mention Robyn’s ridiculous remarks, claiming that Meryl’s only claim to success are Olympic floating fish. Both comments ooze of ignorance. Quite farcical isn’t it?!

Let it be known that Meryl clearly meant that SYTYCD was a “hideous” show for herself; given that her work requires more of a slow-cooked method (to use her food analogy) as opposed to the more commercial “fast food” process. Anyone that is familiar with Tankard’s work would concede this is a fair comment indeed.

Meryl clearly sympathises with the dancers on the show because they are ultimately being used to make a reality show. Yes, there have been some fantastic dancers on the show – granted – but, if you don’t have a good sob-story, one’s chances for getting on the show are clearly limited.

I believe Tankard would have made a fantastic judge on the show. Perhaps the next season. It’d be a nice change to the extremely arrogant and condescending Jason Coleman.