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Onadrought updates us on the latest on the Biggest Loser

Tonight, Biggest Loser started with the challenge that Sam had set up for the Blue Team. He must be a more skillful gambler than I gave him credit for, as they blitzed it. The Blue Team are looking good, winning the challenge and the weigh-in last week. Winning the chin-up challenge meant they had a immunity to give to anyone. They gave it to Garry, saying that he needed it the most. Turns out that decision was more strategic as it will break up the Cosi, Nicola alliance and also makes Garry indepted to the Blue Team, when the contest comes downs to individuals. The Blue already get on with The Black.

There was a camera shoot with Michael who was eliminated a few weeks ago and he is looking good. I wonder if he has hooked up with Sheridan on the outside. After JJ, she has to be one of the more annoying people that have been on reality TV. She also lives in Townsville, Michael in Orange. I had heard that AJ was a bit partial to Michael, so maybe she’d be a better bet, living closer to him. I think she is single.

Well, the Reds slaughtered the other teams in the weigh-in and it was a very tense moment when Michelle who had passed up $50,000 lost only a bit more than 1kg. As Blacks lost the least, she could even be eliminated tomorrow.