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I know of a favourite who doesn’t make it to be the Biggest Loser, but I’ll tell you at the end of this post.

It was a more interesting week than most in the Whitehouse as they are now all on their own and their weightloss will be crucial, because if they fall below the yellow line at weigh-in they’ll be up for elimination. So challenges and immunity are all the more important.

As there were no more teams, at the beginning of the week, Shannon took the guys, and Michelle took the girls. Shannon took the guys for a yoga session and the smartarses complained about how it would not be a real workout. I hate when people go on about things like yoga and dance not being strenuous, then it’s great to see football players crash when trying to partake in what they dissed as sissy activities. Well, this is what happened with Cosi saying it was the hardest workout he’s ever done.

hannon also wanted to get in touch with their spiritual side. Now, I am not much into sporty blonde men with tats, but Shannon is quite deep and I am finding him very appealing. Then again I am finding Bryce appealing and I am wondering if I should just put all this lusting down to the fact I am ovulating.

In the yoga session where Shannon was trying to get them in touch with their inner selves, it was revealed that Bryce lost his Dad in a car accident five years ago. Made you just want to go up and hug him. This guy has no false bravado,he is gentle, maybe this devasting experience gave him compassion and maturity.

The breakfast challenge was hilarious. There were all these different types of breakfast foods, ranging from The Big Breakfast at 3000 calories, down to watermelon at 45 calories. So think again people when you go out for your weekend brekkies and keep in mind that if you order the big brekkie, you are eating two days worth of calories.

The idea was for each person to choose a breakfast for another contestant. The winner of immunity would be the person that ate the most calories, the rule being they had to finish their plate. Curtains came down between them so they couldn’t see eah other and Sam always the cheeky schoolboy, pretended to be eating when he was not. Cosi had chosen the big brekkie for Garry as Garry always gives into temptation. Next highest in calories was Alison with nine pancakes. Alison attempted it but was turned off by the sugary food as her tastes have changed. She couldn’t finish it. Garry’s tastes hadn’t changed and he was drooling. As they were told to reveal if they had eaten their dish, Michelle with a 95 calorie yogurt had, and everyone was shocked that Garry had not eaten a morsel. I was surprised that others such as Nicola hadn’t eaten her muffin, because it was unlikely that Garry would eat his, but anyway good on Michelle as she needed it after knocking back the 50 grand.

The big thing this week was the return of previous losers. They were all super fit. Last years Biggest Loser Chris was absent. Apparently he is fat again and starved himself to win the money. He even put on weight to go on the show. I think that’s quite clever, it only took a 23 year old guy to get $200,000 in about three months.

An old loser had to pair up with a current one of the opposite sex. The challenge was to pull a bus to win a two kilo advantage. This is extremely impotant as that would see that person highly likely above the yellow line. We find out tonight if it will be Alison or Garry.As for my spoiler alert, apparently Cosi, is not the Biggest Loser.