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So You Think You Can Dance News.

With the finale of So You Think You Can Dance on next Sunday the hype of who will be the season one winner continues. Also the final four know what they say in the media now may cost or gain them votes.

An article in TV week reveals three of the final four had reached breaking point throughout the series and had considered calling it quits at some point.

Kate says that being in the bottom three tow weeks in a row was enough to push her to the edge. “I wouldn’t have given it away, but I did think it was a bit hopeless?” she admits “I thought, ‘What do I have to do?”

Demi and Jack both said that it was closer to the finishing line when they considered giving up their SYTYCDA dreams for good.

Jack said “I’ve got a shoulder injury and the last two weeks were really tough for me,”
“My body’s starting to tell me ‘Please just stop,’ but my mind’s running. I was losing a lot of sleep and, at that point, I was thinking, ‘Oh, God, I just want to go home.’ But I love this so much that I kept pushing myself.”

Demi said her inexperience at learning choreography almost proved her downfall as the numbers of the dancers on the show became smaller.

“Mate, I’m petrified of the finale,” she says. “There was a point when we started doing two routines at the same time, and I thought, ‘I can’t cope with this – there’s too much to learn.’ But you get over it.”

Also in TV Week they had four short articles on each of the final four dancers:

Summary of each:


  • Jack has never believed the hype of being a front runner;
  • He thought because it was a personality contest as well he was going to be overshadowed;
  • “I’ve been true to who I am throughout the show, and I think that’s worked for me,”
  • “People said , ‘Oh you should try to get on camera, show your face more and act up.’ But you can read a fake a mile away and, as I’ve become more comfortable with the cameras, I’ve started to open up more.”

Jack answer when asked who will win – “I’d like to see Kate win because she is so wise and experienced, and has brought something to the show that nobody else has. I just feel it’s her time to shine and I think she has the potential to win.”

Jack answer to what he would do with the prize: “My ultimate goal is Broadway, so going to New York would be my kick in the butt. I’d really like to win- but, of course, I’ll try to make it there with or without the prize.”


  • Demi had a dream two weeks before the top 20 were chosen that we were all in the top four.
  • She doesn’t think she is psychic but intuitive.
  • Jack (her original partner) was a big help in the first five weeks, she said “It’s second nature for him to pick up choreography, and for me it was harder. But I’m getting better.”

Demi’s answer to who will win: ” I have a sneaking suspicion that Jack will win. He’s adorable, everybody loves him, he’s switched on and focused, and he really wants to grab the prize – I can see it in his eyes. He has the fire!”

Demi’s answer to what she would do with the prize money: “Financially, it would be a dream come true for me because I’ve never had the comfort of having money and not stressing about living. If I did win, I’d give some money to the top 10 [contestants]. I’d share a bit, but I’d definitely save some for myself and my family!”


  • Being top four has finally made him feel accepted.
  • Sometime when I’m walking down the street, I get the blokiest guys yelling out of their cars. If that happened where I’m originally from [in Adelaide], I’d be ready for anything, but now it’s actually praise and not verbal abuse. I didn’t expect the ‘fandemonium‘ – the screaming and the excitement. It’s been amazing.”
  • “Winning would provide a real sense of validation for someone like myself, who hasn’t always been well received by society,”
  • “It’s a really amazing thing to have who you are appreciated, loved and welcomed into people’s households through a television screen. It gives me a little bit of hope that the world is changing for the better.”

Rhys’s answer to who will win: “It’s really too close to call, but as a dancer, I think Demi has grown the most out of anyone in the competition. She’s never had lessons, is completely self-taught and never gives up. If I had a preference, I’d love to see Demi win.”

Rhys’s answer to what he would do with the prize money: “The prize would definitely mean financial security. I want to buy myself a place because renting sucks. And going to America would give me a great opportunity to work with some amazing talent and learn from some of the best.”


  • Kate has found it difficult to give any attention to her long-term boyfriend.
  • “We’ve pretty much been separated since the competition began.”
  • Even though he lives in Sydney all her time is spent living in the SYTYCDA apartment and rehearsing.
  • He is understanding and supportive.

Kate answer to who should win: “It’s hard to say because “I’m with three people who have never even been bottom three. Rhys is fantastic, Jack and I really click as dancers, and Demi’s unreal.”

Kate’s answer to what she would do with the prize: “Going to America and winning the money is obviously important, but actually winning the very first season of SYTYCDA would be pretty special. I’d really like to.”


1 Anonymous { 04.22.08 at 5:38 am }

RR, great poll question on whether people should vote for their favourite or the best dancer!

But between the lack of technical knowledge across all the dance genres (shown on the show) and the bias we have for our favourites, we often convince ourselves that our favourites are the best. And if not the best, the most versatile, and if not that, have the most potential…and so on. So in the end, I think people are voting for their favourites (whether they realize it or not).

2 Reality Raver { 04.22.08 at 7:49 am }

Thanks Anon for the positive feedback on the poll.

I agree with your summing up on how people vote.

I haven’t decided how I am going to vote yet. You may ask why not vote twice? But to me that is a bit of a cop out, as I feel I should make final decision who was the best throughout the whole series.

3 Anonymous { 04.22.08 at 8:24 am }

How long do you have to get the votes in? The whole week before the finale? And is there a limit on how many votes can one cast?

4 Reality Raver { 04.22.08 at 10:20 am }

We have the week to get our votes in and you can vote as many times as you want.

So obviously friends, family and zealous fans vote multiple times.

I am quite conservative and vote once.

5 Anonymous { 04.22.08 at 12:15 pm }

So obviously friends, family and zealous fans vote multiple times.

You have no idea! People can get in 500+ votes in 2 hours of voting. I wish they would limit votes on American Idol and the US SYTYCD. There is no limit to the number of votes and it is free, so often it becomes a voting competition among the fans.

6 Anonymous { 04.22.08 at 2:00 pm }

I think your poll is kind of flawed, actually. I saw this as a lover of your polls! I enjoy coming in and seeing what people are voting. But in your entry about the final performance episode, you said Rhys was the favourite dancer, and Jack was the best dancer, and I think a lot of people have interpreted the poll that way. For example, I said best dancer, but the best dancer, overall, in terms of maturity, versatility, technique, prescence, etc in my opinion, is Rhys.

7 Reality Raver { 04.22.08 at 4:28 pm }

Anon: Re the poll. It is actually meant to be separate from my blog recap.

I meant it to be should Australia choose their favourite dancer, or should they choose the best dancer.

It was not meant to be a poll to decide should it be Jack or Rhys.

Glad you like the polls though.

Re: other anon and phone voting. I think Aust Idol had put a cap on how much you could vote from one phone – I think it was $250 worth of calls from the one phone.

I think this came about from a scandal where one of the contestant’s dad working at Telstra ( a big telecommunications company in Aust).

so there were all these allegations about vote rigging. Her name was Laura and she was very ordinary. Never to be heard of since her elimination.

8 Anonymous { 04.22.08 at 6:05 pm }

Oh yeah, I know what your poll was meant to be, I just think some people may have read your entry first and interpretated it a different way.

I’m a poll geek. Love them! :)

PS – Yes, Laura Gissara was terrible. I would say that she was even below the term ordinary. Singing out of tune and no musicality whatsoever. She shouldn’t have even been in the top twenty, in my opinion.

9 Anonymous { 04.22.08 at 11:07 pm }

$250 on voting?! That is nuts. I rather spend that on a few good seats at the performance arts centre. The money doesn’t even go to the contestants.

I didn’t interpret the favourite vs. best poll as Rhys vs. Jack. I find both of them likable/ charismatic and the difference in their technicial skills is not so much that I would label one as best. IMO of course.