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Project Runway – Episode 7 – Season 4

Tonight’s challenge is making an outfit for a woman’s most important day and cope with precocious teenagers.

They had to make prom dresses for 17 year old school girls with assorted body shapes.
Christian Siriano thinks the prom is “horrible tacky and gross.”

In a reverse situation from the usual the student’s got to decide who they wanted to work with.
Tim Gunn gave them the directions for the challenge. They had to take in the students views as well as the designers showing of their style.

They will have until midnight and the next day to finish it. Then had 30 minutes with the students.

Highlight so far were photo’s of designers at their prom.

Then we had the standard Ricki crying scene about how his mum made all his sisters prom dresses, and how great it would be to win Project Runway.

Ricki did come up with one of the lines of the night with “When I had a girlfriend I made her a prom dress, that should have been a clue right there.”

Christian was having an episode because of the tackiness of his dress. His student had studied design for a couple of years and had very strong opinions in a white trash way which was surprising considering she was black.

He made a change from the original design.

Victorya hated hers as it looked like something an elderly Italian divorcee would wear, so changed it and the student liked it.

Day two the models are sent for a fitting. This time they brought their mums. Kevin student’s mum was not keen on his dress.

Christian’s student does not like the dress, but is also taking credit for designing it. Rami thought Christian should have taken a bit more control.

He was giving up and thought he would be going. Tim Gunn gave him a pep talk saying he had the wrong attitude.

Rami decided to be adventurous as he had immunity. Tim Gunn was concerned the green dress was too old for the girl.

Kevin did not hem the dress, Chris was trying to warn him that it was not a great idea as it will look unfinished.

It was time for the fashion show with the usual judges Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and the special guest judge Gilles Mendel.

Sweet P described it as Hollywood glamour. Giles said it was a pretty dress. Nina thought it was a bit sophisticated for a 17 year old.

Kevin dress got criticised. Nina said she did not like the red. Michael said the dress was matronly, and he was distracted by the hemming. Heidi thought the dress looked cheap, as inexpensive not tarty.

Victorya dress was received well. Michael said “I think it is chic and young at the same time.” Nina loved the choice of colour. Young, modern and appropriate.”

Christian dress got mixed reveiws. Christian blamed his student for the over the topness of his dress. He said she wanted ruffles, lace and rhinestones. Nina Garcia said she did not like the blame game, and that he should have managed that.

Ricki got hammered. Heidi said “Pretty but boring”

Rami was criticised Heidi said it was too sophisticated. All the judges thought it was adult

Victorya won the challenge so will have immunity for next week.

Ricki was safe for another week. Why????? Each week his clothes have been unmemorable and his personality is bland.

The last two left were Kevin and Christian. Kevin was out.