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Project Runway Australia – Preview

Project Runway Australia starts on Arena TV at 8.30pm on 7 July 2008 which means the publicity machine has well and truly been cranked up.

An article in the Daily Tele reveals some insights into the first season of the Australian version of this highly popular show. Unfortunately I cannot find a link for the story so I will just summarise it.

On host Kristy Hinzes nerves:
“A few days before, I started practising reading lines in front of a bunch of people and I just felt really comfortable.”

“I don’t think I have felt nervous at any one point yet. I thought I would get nervous the first day, but I just walked out there and it felt great. I have been working as a model very comfortably and steadily for the last 14 years, but I really like this hosting caper. I feel like I have stepped into something I am meant to do. It allows you to be you , have a personality and put yourself out on the table.”

How Kristy got the role:
“I was approached at first and then it was a long time where they were considering other people. I think Brian Walsh [Foxtel’s executive director of television] got sent a tape of me hosting various things overseas and here and saw I could pull it off.”

“He decided to go with me, thankfully, and I hope we have many more Project Runways to do. I am secretly hoping we get a few more seasons out of this, as it has been so great just doing this one.”

It was also revealed that her and Henry Roth who will be the mentor (the Tim Gunn role) the contestants actually knew each other as they lived in the same apartment block in New York.

Roth said ” I wanted to get through on my own terms so throughout the auditions I never mention that I knew Kristy.”

“When I got through I told them about the connection and it’s all worked out just perfectly. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this show to start, and working with Kristy has been amazing. She has this intelligence and the way she carries herself is totalling inspiring. This has been a dream to work on.”

The other two main judges are Sarah Gale who is a fashion buyer and trend forecaster, and Jayson Brundson, fashion designer who has just been diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Hinze says it ‘s the mix of their four personalities, coupled with the very different personalities of the final 12 contestants that is the show’s drawcard. From flamboyant Mark Antonio 22, to bubbly Petrova Hammond, 27 and Kiwi suit designer Brent Zaicek, all are vying for the prize of showcasing their collection at L’Oreal Fashion Week held in Melbourne next year.Also the winner will walk away with a car, a six-page spread in a fashion magazine and $100,000.

“You have a bit of everything. It’s a real motley crew this lot, “Hinze says. “They are all fantastic, but it’s been getting harder and harder for them as the series goes on. You have your gay guys, your kooky girls and then there are the more fashion types and the token straight guy. There is someone in there for everyone to barrack for.”

The show will follow the same format as the US version but it will have a distinct Aussie flavour.

There will be the working around the clock to complete outrageous garment challenges, including designing an outfit from spare car parts, and living with their competitors 24/7.

Hopefully the Australian show will be just as captivating and entertaining as the US version as well as showcasing some major design talent.