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Mia Michaels from So You Think You Can Dance Gives a Backstage View Of Her Top 16 Group Routine

The talented and kooky Mia Michaels gives a back stage view here on Your Tube of the fabulous group routine the top 16 did on So You Think You Can Dance this week on Australian TV. Mia lets us in on her method behind her madness – something to do with maths, I did not really understand.

Mia is ambiguous in her choreography, but she is not so ambiguous in her love life. A lot of bloggers and fans were in a tiss when in an article she revealed she was NOT gay but is not closed to it (clearly she knows she has a huge gay following). Read about that here in fact a person commenting on the article thought she was dating a billionaire.


1 Sue B { 08.20.08 at 4:04 am }

Mia is just weird and this year, maybe b/c she broke up with her boyfriend; she has been meaner than usual. Feh. I don’t even like a lot of her choreo. I am much more into Napoleon and Tabitha (NapTab).

2 Reality Raver { 08.22.08 at 1:22 pm }

I noticed Mia’s meaness in last nights episode (no recaps as non sleeping baby! – hopefully this will change soon) when she told Will he needed a new partner. I think Will is a good dancer, but he lacks charisma…

I really like the way they have dance routines from various people in each of the elimination episodes. Last night was Alvin Ailey company which was brilliant – the audience was in awe, and now they would have broadened their reach. I am sure they will now have more people going to their shows and ones that may not have usually gone to see dance. So I hope Meryl Tankard you are watching the show and learning…..

3 Sue B { 08.23.08 at 2:24 am }

She has been mean to Mark and Jessica in particular all season. It’s really disappointing. And I have found Nigel really unpleasant. I do think they need to switch it up. Mia is, for the most part, a great choreographer, though I’ve liked Napoleon/Tabitha, Sonya, and Mandy a lot, too, so I say keep her off the judging panel and just let her do choreo. The dancers on elimination night HAVE been cool. The singers, not so much, though that’s typical.

I hope baby and sibling are doing well. Congratulations! :) Let me know what you think about the final 10. I don’t think you’ll be shocked, but I was at top 8, and not at all thrilled about top 4. I miss last year’s contestants, to be honest. :-(