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Australian Idol Auditions Go To London

So with all the hoopla of Australian Idol going to London it merited just over half an episode and it was montaged so quickly you barely got to see anyone nor see what the two guest judges Tina Arena, and Darren Hayes was like. The three seconds I saw of Darren Hayes I liked..

Six were being sent home for the top 100.

Sophie Patterson was a standout and hopefully she will get through to the semis.

It says it all when Adelaide auditions only merits 15 mins of air time, whilst Sydney will get two nights – obviously no big musical scene down there.

There was a Tom Williams who looked younger then last year’s Ben McKenzie who auditoned. Was Tom scared that Australian Idol was going to get axed before he could get on the show so faked his ID? This kid does not even shave yet, but he did get a ticket through to Sydney.

We are now over half way through this marathon week of auditions and I am starting to get a bit jaded so if you need something a bit extra to get you through the week their is an amusing Australian Idol drinking game here.