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Idolgate Is The Voting Rigged?

In the first week of Idol we had fans of Jonny Taylor’s, all three of them, having to vote twice to get their votes through.

This week we have Brooke Adamo’s dad alleging there were voting discrepancies on the night his daughter was eliminated from the competition.

The Who Weekly article said:
At least one betting agency was puzzled, too. “All of a sudden, [bets] came rapidly,” says Centrebet spokesman Neil Evans, who watched the odds plummet from $15 to $3. “They backed [Brooke] and no-one else.”

There’s also anecdotal evidence that Brooke’s supporters were unable to vote for her. Carlo, who runs a Tattslotto outlet, says that out of all the people who have since visited his Melbourne store, “There’s not one person who tried to vote who didn’t have problems.” And one Idol forum message read: “Brooke’s line kept saying that it was closed every time you SMSed it.”

Channel Ten and Fremantle Media have of course denied any discrepancies and rabbited on about independent auditing.

Brooke’s father is promising a Harry Bosch type investigation as “…Something’s is terribly wrong.”

It is doubtful she will be reinstated into the competition so read her eviction interview here.