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Hell’s Kitchen – Has Gordon Ramsey Turned From Chef to Actor?

Gordon Ramsey has been all over our TV’s this year with Kitchen Nightmares, Boiling Point, Hell’s Kitchen, and probably about five other shows I have forgotten about.

Currently on Lifestyle one of the series of Hell’s Kitchen is screening. The premise of the show is two teams fight it out for kitchen supremacy and at the end of the series one of the cooks is the winner.

This show is not to be mistaken for the quality reality TV program Top Chef currently showing on Arena.

But Ramsey spends the whole of the show yelling at all the competitors, but you know that he has been told to be a total prick. It is like a boot camp sergeant in the kitchen. The diners in the restaurant must have to listen to his screaming all throughout dinner service. Even having to put up with that does not guarantee a meal as Gordon at any stage can just stop dinner service, all very dramatic.

Clearly he is just taking the money, as there is absolutely no substance to the show unless you consider debasing people is quality TV.


1 injera { 09.28.08 at 1:09 pm }

You’re right – Hell’s Kitchen has nothing on Top Chef, but Gordon’s HK antics have given me some new phrases to add spice to my own kitchen nightmares. I love shouting “Oh no! Dirty bowl!” as though crockery that’s less than pristine is the world’s greatest calamity. And rarely does a session in the kitchen pass now without one of us screaming “Where’re my Wellingtons?!”. I think HK represents the jumping of the shark for Gordon. Pity, ‘cos his other stuff was gold, especially The F Word.

2 injera { 09.28.08 at 1:13 pm }

P.S. The UK version of Hell’s is quite fun, though – it’s celebs competing and the host is Angus Deayton, so there are some laughs. Gordon’s still “acting” the brutal sergeant-major, though. The third season, with Gordon’s former mentor-turned-nemesis Marco Pierre-White as the chef, is… well, it really has to be seen.

3 Reality Raver { 09.29.08 at 8:09 am }

I did not know there was a UK version of Hell’s Kitchen maybe you need to take over this blog!