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Nick and Starr Win The Amazing Race


Well thank god the frat boys did not limp over the line for the million dollars, however it was not their stuff ups but a bad taxi driver that killed them in the final leg of the race.

Nick and Starr were hot favourites to win but Ken and Tina did push them all the way to the winners podium.

However the biggest drama was in Russia when Toni and Dallas who were just about guaranteed a top three spot lost their money and passport. I thought it was crazy at the Roadblock which was a problem solving challenge Toni let Dallas who, how can I put this delicately, is not real bright.

In one of the cabs he lost is money belt. In Buddy TV Dallas talks about him losing the passports, and reveals that he and Starr are still seeing each other.

Also here is an interview with Nick and Starr. Congratulations guys great team of brains and physicality.