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American Idol Season 8 – Is Randy The Redundant Judge?

american-idol-judges-simon-kara-paula-randyAmerican Idol Season 8 kicked off this evening, and the big change was the new fourth judge Kara DiGuardio. In the pre season Idol frenzy there were all sorts of rumours circulating that this was Paula Abdul’s last season.

But judging on tonight’s performance Randy Jackson should be the one to go. Where was he? He had barely any presence. Now I know the producers wanted to give Kara a lot of air time so the viewers can get to know her, and Simon is always heavily featured, but Randy needs to step it up.

What did I think of Kara? She looks great, she knows what she is talking about, but can she drop the fake honey, and sweeties?

Anyway the big question of the night surrounds Scott McIntyre the 23 year old blind pianist from Arizona. Would he have gotten through to Hollywood if he could see? Personally I don’t think so. Yes his voice was nice, but there was nothing memorable about it and dare I say it (as Randy didn’t) his voice was a bit pitchy at times. Anyway it was a nice way to end the show.

At the audition there were the usual misfits, emotionally immature, and desperados, but Katrina Darrell managed to surprise me and not just because she was wearing an insy wincy bikini. Which she did look fantastic in – no cellulite issues for her.

I thought she was going to be one of the ditsy joke auditions. But for me she came up with line of the night when she told the show’s host Ryan Seacrest that “We’re going to make out when I get my golden ticket.” Ryan looked like he would rather chop off his right arm then snog her (those gay rumours will just keep circulating) but thought he was safe as he thought Katrina going to Hollywood was an impossibility.

Well she sang surprisingly well,  and managed to tough it out with Kara and Paula, and she received  the ticket to go to Hollywood.

After that she saunters off to lay one on Ryan. If she gets booted out of Hollywood she does deserve a small role on a sitcom.

Emily Wynne who sang a Heart song got through to Hollywood, which meant she would have to tell her band that she was unable to go on the European tour. By losing their lead singer it meant the rest of the band were unable to go. I think the only way they are going to forgive her is if she makes top 12.

It was a good start to Idol, less bad auditions, and more interesting characters. Also Simon looked very relaxed and happy considering he has said he hated the audition process. I wonder if his newly single status has anything to do with it.