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Welcome To Reality Ravings

Hello to new readers, and to reality TV fans who previously read Reality Ravings on my blogspot blog.

Reality Ravings is an independent, irreverent, and informative blog about reality TV.

Recaps, reviews of shows, gossip, reality TV highlights, reality tidbits, polls, where are they now, and interviews with reality TV stars can all be found here.

It is a blog for reality TV fans, and comments are always welcome.

As I am new to wordpress it is highly likely there will be some glitches to start with. In fact there is a problem with the related posts function at the moment, and it appears not to be reading the imported posts from Blogger tags. Hopefully this will be sorted out soon.

I would welcome feedback on the new site. Either email me or on the comments pages (yes I can take public criticism) and yes to the grammar nazi’s out there I am working on that….

Also if you notice any glitches please contact me.

The blogroll is still being transferred, and there are some broken links that I am fixing.

Please tell your friends, family, work colleagues, or even your enemies about the blog if they are fans of reality TV.

One of the disadvantages of my moving the blog to a new domain means my google ranking is now back to zero, which means I will not be as high up as I was on google searches.

Welcome and enjoy this blog as it would be nothing without you the reader.