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Farmer Wants A Wife Casting For Series 4 Has Commenced. Will Channel 9 Give Us Farmer Overkill?

Remember at the beginning of last year and Gordon Ramsay was the flavour of the month at Channel 9, one of his shows always appeared to be screening. Then cue to mid 2008 when everyone had had Ramsay overload and his ratings crashed.

Let us hope that Channel 9 does not do this with the very likeable and increasingly popular Farmer Wants A Wife. Series 3 is about to be screened, and now Fremantle Media are casting for series 4.

Farmer Wants A Wife is a reality TV show where six ‘lonely’ farmers go through a dating process to try and meet a wife. The fantastic aspect of this show is that it appears to be a genuine search by both the male and female particpants on the show. And one marriage and one engagement appears to be proof of this.

Hopefully they can keep tweaking the format so it does not get boring. By having a female farmer in series three gives the show an interesting twist.

Interested farmers should drop an email with an introduction by February 6, 2009 to:
or call               (02) 9434 0791        to register your interest.

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1 Steve Prince { 07.17.09 at 3:54 pm }

My name is Steve. I have 4 sisters, and one brother! I have a 50yr old sister, who has always expressed a desire to meet a farmer……but does nothing about it!

She doesn’t date anymore and when she does, she meets weirdos and nutcases!

She has a dog and has always has had a dog! She loves nothing better than walking in the country! She rarely goes out! Clubbing is a defineate no-no! And when she does go out, she goes to the countrside, and better still, a meal in a country pub with our mum where she is at home!

She loves nothing more than getting down and dirty, and always, always is keen to do what repairs she’s capable of doing! She has a bigger tool box than anyone I know!

ButI know she must be lonlely! She has to be! She still lives at home with her mother, butI KNOW, my mother would dearly love her to meet the right person!

Maybe, she would meet someone on this? At least, it would give her some more indepth insight into farmlife!