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Home Made Similar To Top Design? Who Cares Top Design Rocks

David Heimann - Daily Telegraph

David Heimann - Daily Telegraph


David Heimann, the owner of interior stores Orson & Blake has been named host and mentor on Channel Nine’s new reality TV show Home Made.  It is a bold move by Nine as David has no previous TV experience. I am loving there is going to be some fresh talent  on TV this year, this follows on from Channel Ten’s decision to make another unknown Sarah Wilson as host of Masterchef Australia.

The Daily Telegraph  reveals Home Made will have up and coming interior designers competing with each other as they work with real clients – families in the suburbs looking for a professional interior makeover. I am presuming this is an elimination show and the last one standing will win some fabulous prize.

Heimann denies the show is a copy of popular US show Top Design.

He points out that “Top Design only works with sets whereas here there will be real clients,”. Personally I am not seeing a huge amount of difference, but really who cares, Top Design which is shown on Arena TV is a fantastic and entertaining show.

Season 2 of Top Design  premieres on Arena TV on Monday 19 January at 9.30pm. The second series will not have first season host the serene Todd Oldham, but model and designer India Hicks. Todd will continue on as an occasional mentor.

India Hicks

India Hicks

The Futon Critic has an interview with India Hicks about Season 2 where she mentions the differences between series 1 and 2.

“The main different is going to be that we are really designing outside of the box. I mean, quite literally this time. On Season 1 they were designing inside these white boxes and this time we’ve taken our kids out in to real places and real settings.”

The shows sound pretty similar to me. I think Channel 9 could be on a winner with this one.  Oh and if they need volunteers to have their houses  made over, my Ikea chic house could do with a bit of razzle dazzle.

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