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Farmer Wants A Wife Series 3 – Tidbits About The Farmers


The latest issue of TV week gives an overview of the major reality TV shows that will be on air this year.

Farmer Wants A Wife Series 3 will kick off in February (Channel 9 are yet to release their 2009 programming), and  this season will have six farmers, one being a female looking for love.

TV Week went behind the scenes at the promo shoot and this is what they found out.

Jenny – The first female farmer on the show, Jenny’s more than ready to get married and have kids. She says “if it felt right, I’d do it next week!”

Paul – Is a single dad of a 13 year old son who is keen to get married again.  Paul says ” He knows I’m lonely because we talk about it often,”.

Andrew – Is the show’s youngest farmer at 25. He was so depressed when his first serious relationship broke up, he started writing poetry. “I’m ready to move on now, for sure.” he assures.

Damian – He is a Tasmainian farmer he admits he’s looked up his family tree to make sure he’s not related to potential girlfriends. “You meet someone and perhaps have a bit of a stickybeak to see whether they’re in there.” Gosh I hope that is his sense of humour. I thought all those Tasmainian inbred jokes were just jokes not the reality of living on the Apple Isle.

Tim – His friends put him forward for the show, but he knew what he was getting himself into. “My sister used to live with [season two] farmer Ben.” he reveals.

Ralph – Who is a horse whisperer has a broken engagement behind  him, so he watns to make sure heis next serious relationship doesn’t end in tears. “Next time, I want it to be for good,” he says.

For more information on the farmers go to the official Farmer Wants A Wife Website.