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Reality Raver Interviewed By Brenden Wood On His Blog Is It Possible To Make Money Online?

Well the answer to that question for me is not at this stage, but hopefully in the future…

Brendan Wood’s has started up this great website using podcasts only called Is It Possible To Make Money Online? which examines whether it is possible to make money online. He does this by interviewing the people at the coalface, the bloggers themselves.

Brendan has many year’s experience in the media. Recently he was the producer of the Mix 106.5 breakfast team of Sonia Kruger and Todd McKenney. He kindly asked me for an interview which of course I readily agreed, as New Year’s resolution number 53 was to promote myself more.

He has also interviewed Erica Bartle from the fabulous blog Girl With A Satchel, and former Cosmo editor Mia Freedman, whose blog Mama Mia has articles on a variety of topics that women want to read. I am much further down the blogging foodchain than these two who set the benchmark for Australian blogs. But hey a girl can dream.

If you want to hear Reality Raver talk about blogging click here.