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American Idol Auditions – Louisville

Why do parents become enablers for their childrens delusions of their singing ability? A case in point tonight were the parents of Tiffany Shedd. She was postively abysmal, and her parents looked shocked when she did not get through. Clearly they were listening to a different singer then I was.

Tiffany was bad, but Louisville was a surprisingly good audition with a few people who I would not be surprised to see in the top 12 these include:

  • Joanna Pacitti – who could be the Carly Smithson of the competition as she has previously had a record contract in LA;
  • Brent Keith Smith who is a travelling musician, who at 28 clearly has decided he needs to expand his audience,
  • Alexis Grace – a 21 one year old mother and musician di da great job with an Arethra Franklin number, and
  • Leneshe Young – who was ballsy enough to sing one of her own songs, and it was great – she is a definate one to watch. 

I am still undecided aout the new judge  Kara DiGuardi as tonight I thought she was being like a girl at school who had finally got into the cool group  and now she was there she was going to be condescending and arrogant to those who are on the out. Not that I am a big fan of Paula’s but at least she is not cruel.

A lot of the time the camera was panning to her she was sniggering at the singers. One person who copped the brunt of this was Rebecca Garcia. After a very ordinary audition Kara goes “it says here [on her application form] that you were voted most humorous at school,” and then “That was a joke right”. Rebecca looked horrifed. Even when Kara realised her mistake she did not look very remorseful.

After treating people with contempt why do they get surprised when the auditionees go a bit loco on them.

Speaking of loco the producers are still putting auditionees with a mental illness on. Mark Mudd a 25 year old parts inspector who could not sing as well as being mentally fragile. The judges laugh and snigger throughout his song, and then they are shocked when the guy goes “Be careful.” in a mildly menacing way.

Paula Abdul pipes up that’s “Not a normal thing to say.”  When are they going to stop using the mentally vulnerable for their entertainment? Two words guys Paula Goodspeed.