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Is Wipeout A Reality TV Show or Light Entertainment?

I am inclined to think of it in the latter category, but who cares as long as it is entertaining. This show is really for people who like crap TV.

Each episode twenty contestants compete across a difficult obstacle course challenges to try and win to take out the $20,000 prize money. The entertainment value of the show is in watching people wipe out whilst trying to get through the difficult  course. The show is based on a US show. In fact the contestants were flown to Argentina to compete on the original course. If I had know that I would have applied, and dipped out once I had been sucker punched!

If you don’t know the show Channel 9 is showing a sneak peek at 7.30pm on Tues 27 January. The proper series will start on the 17 February.

The hosts are James Brayshaw and Josh Lawson and the field reporter is Kelly Landry.

Kelly Landry was interviewed by TV Week (sorry no soft copy) to talk about what happened whilst the filming of the show occurred.

TV Week: How is Wipeout Australia different from the US version?

Kelly Landry: The format is exactly the same as teh US version – the difference boils down to the brave souls who take on the course in teh hope of winning $20,000. “I know everyone really reated to the American version, but to actually see Australians go out and do the exact same thing with Australian humour – we’re all very excited about it.”

“It’s so entertaining to watch. I don’t think anyone’s going to get tired of it.

TW: What is your role on the show?

KL: “I interviewed all the contestants at various stages during the course and got oknow what their strategy was.”Kelly explains That’s my main role as well as providing commentary of everyone running the course.”

TW: What are the most spectacular wipeouts?

KL: When it comes to hilarious stacks, the big red balls offer the best laughs – every time. We’d interview all the contests at the beggining of hte day and see what their strategies would be on the big balls and they’d all have thsese great ideas, like “I’m going to pounce,”. Seeing them all come into play was very amusing , because nine times out of ten they didn’t happen. And a couple of days we had a particularly good recipe of mud – it was that mud that swallows you whole – and it was very amusing watching people get through that.”

Kelly also went on the course – “I stood at the top of hte big balls for the first time and I acutally needed some convincing
to have a jump on them. So to see everybody  else run and sprint across them, I definitely take my hat off to all contestants for that. I bounced straight off the first one.

I am not sure I will watch the whole series but I am certain a few episodes will be watch and I will find it enjoyable.