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So You Think You Can Dance Australia – Nigel Lythgoe Drops In.


Above is a preview for SYTYCDA from You Tube, in it you will see  Nigel Lythgoe who is a special guest judge. While he was here he gave his thoughts on SYTYCDA to TV Week (unfortunately no soft copy).  I was pretty excited to read that Mary Murphy is coming back and one of my favourite US SYTYCD choreographers Mia Michaels may visit.

TV WEEK:How did you find the Aussie dancers?

Nigel Lythgoe: To be honest, I was a little shocked on the first day because Kelley Abbey, who is a great choreographer, was doing a routine that all the dancers found really difficult. I was disappointed, to be frank. But the next day, they were terrific! they must have gone home thinking, “We were terrible” then gotten their nerves together.

TW: Do you think your presence would have been an added stress?

NL: Well, they said so, but I’m always shocked at that. People build up barriers and they’re really hard on themselves as dancers in Australia. I had to say at one point, “Stop beating yourselves up – this is not the end of the world!”

TW: Did you watch last season’s SYTYCDA?

NL: Do you think, what with being married to [judge] Bonnie, that I would have been allowed to miss it?! That goes without saying. I also met your winner, Jack. We put him in touch with Mia Michaels, who chroeographed him in LA, and they loved each other, I have to say. He’s a very, very talented boy.

TW: Will we see any of the US judges or choreographer make an appearance in season two of our show?

NL: I know they want to bring [husband and wife choreographer] Napoleon and Tabitha D’Umo down here. [Judge] Mary Murphy is coming back, and I know that Mia would love to choreograph something here too.

TW: Will you return the favour with any of our Aussie Choreographers?

NL: I very much like Kelley Abbey, but I’ll just keep my eye on the season. I’m fully invested in the dancers now, so I”ll have to watch on YouTube, I guess. I might even wipe a little tear from my eye when certain people leave the show. Your girls are superb this year  – I think they have great character, as well as being fantastic dancers. and the boys have the opportunity of growing. It’s going to be a very interesting year.

I am so confused about the whether Nigel and Bonnie Lythgoe are still together, they are sending out mixed messages.  In this article in the Herald Sun it states that Nigel is begging Bonnie to get back with him. In another article I read ( I cannot find it at the moment) Nigel said Bonnie had asked for a divorce. And in a previous post I wrote he was seen with Sophie Monk, but Bonnie was saying SYTYCDA had saved their marriage.

Anyway what ever they are doing I hope Nigel is coaching her to speak in soundbites.

Also looking at the above preview Matt Lee appears to keeping with his signature look of ill fitting headwear, however big thumbs up for Jason Coleman’s funky new hair style.