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The Biggest Loser – Has Channel Ten Let Ajay Rochester Off Her Media Ban?

After not sighting The Biggest Loser host Ajay Rochester in any of the promos for show’s 2009 series it would appear she has been let of her leash with her court case now being sucessfully resolved. In an article in SMH it says she has sold her story to Woman’s Day. Because you cannot make money from selling stories about your criminal deeds, apparently the article is about her 10 kilo weight loss she has achieved in the past two months.

Channel Ten up until this stage have only shown the trainers Michelle and Shannon in their pre-season publicity.

This was the case in the latest addition of TV Week when they were previewing the show.

This year the show will have 10 couples – a mix of husbands and wives, best friends, mums and daughters and more -competing this year. Shannon and Michelle said in the article that by helping them get fit, it will help improve their relationships.

“Everybody knows that in a relationship your partner can be your greatest support or you biggest saboteur,” Shannon Ponton said. “And quite often we find that with overweight people, one partner is sabotaging the other as a means of control.”  The trainers hope to break this cycle.