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Farmer Wants A Wife Season – What Are The Previous Season Farmers Doing Now?

Series 2 Farmers - Farmer Wants A Wife

Series 2 Farmers - Farmer Wants A Wife

With the season 3 of Farmer Wants A Wife commencing soon it is time to see what the Farmer’s from the previous series have been up to.

Luckily TV Week did all the hard work for me with an article in the latest edition of the mag. Unfortunately they don’t have a soft copy.

Season 2 Farmers:

Rob: As  any fan of the show this couple is now engaged to be married. Expect to see this pair being showcased in the first episode of series 3. He proposed while they were on holidays after only knowing her 7 months, and they will be married this year.

Jo has resigned from her job in Melbourne and is now living on the farm with Rob in Mt Gambier.

Ben: This dairy farmer from Jambaroo looked like he may have found love on the show with a Sydney nanny called Sarah. But they broke up late last year after she moved to the farm to be with him. At the time he said “She ended up getting a job back in Sydney…. and it just wasn’t going to work.”

Nick: The wealthy winemaker has now found himself a girlfriend – who met in a bar in Sydney. “Things are going well” he confirms. “She spends most of her time in Sydney, part of her time on her family farm, and at my place occasionally.”

Howie: After the show finished, Howie was contacted by plenty of interested women, but only ended up going out with one. Asked whether he’s met anyone special recently he admits, “I might have.”.

Michael: The Goulburn farmer has been on a few dates with the women who contacted him after the show finished, ‘but nothing’s taken my eye.” He’s still good friends with Simone, the he chose, but she has a boyfriend now.”

James: The most unhinged farmer of series 2 would only give a no comment when TV Week contacted him. He said “I woke up this morning, so that’s a good start.”

The Farmers from Series 1:

Chris:  Chris found love with Kim on the show and they were married last year, which was shown on the show. In this article it says they have moved to Geelong to be near Kim’s family. However in the Woman’s Day article it said they were living on a farm on the Byron Bay Hinterland – so if someone know which is correct can they please tell us.

They are planning to start a family soon. Apparently he has a nine year old son from a previous relationship. Was that mentioned on the show? Because if it was I missed it.

Gus: Gus has been seeing a Dubbo girl for about a year who he met after filming wrapped. Could marriage be on the cards. “Maybe” he says “You never know. It’s all going good.”

Jon: Jon decolined to take part in the TV Week story as apparently he is keen to put his reality TV past behind him. Though apparently he has found love with a new lady.

Brad: The spiritual farmer from season one who met a girl just before taking part on the show. They are still going strong. He said “Samara moved in with me at the start of 2008”.

Drew: My favourite farmer from season 1 is “getting to know” a new lady and life on the land is just as healthy. Drew says they’ve caught more than enough rain of late to keep his irrigated crops happy.

Craig: The mothers boy is still single. He has met some nice girls lately but is struggling to find the time to pursue them. Apparently life on the farm hasn’t been easy, either with dry conditions making for a poor wheat harvest.

Farmer Wants A Wife Series 3 is expected to commence on Channel 9 in February.