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Farmer Wants A Wife And Ladette To Lady Start Dates Announced.


At last Channel 9 have released the commencement dates of two of their highly promoted reality TV shows, Farmer Wants A Wife, and Ladette To Lady.

Farmer Wants A Wife Will Commence on Wednesday February 11 at 7.30pm, and Ladette To Lady starts the following Monday the 16 February at 9.30pm. In this late timeslot it is not meant to be family viewing. Those girls are going to rock.

Farmer Wants A Wife will have six farmer, five male and one female trying to find love.  As the Channel 9 press release says The Farmer Wants a Wife is not a competition, there is no prize-money, and the only winner in the end is “¦ love itself.

The farmers are:

Farmer Paul, 36 – cattle farmer from Tarcutta, NSW. A single dad who’s desperate to fall in love and discover someone to share his life with.

Farmer Damian, 29 – a sheep, cattle and dairy farmer who also runs his own artificial insemination business in Caveside, Tasmania. He’s an animal lover and a greenie, but says he finds it hard to meet a local girl he’s not related to.

Farmer Andrew, 25 – a sheep and cropping farmer from Manoora, SA. A fourth generation farmer, he is the youngest bachelor to appear on The Farmer Wants a Wife. Andrew puts his shyness down to the fact that he’s had more than his fair share of rejection from women.

Farmer Ralph, 28 – a cattle and horse breeder from Nambeelup, WA. This playboy farmer has travelled the world playing international polo but now family pressure is on him to settle down.

Farmer Tim, 26 – a sheep and cropping farmer from Mulawa, NSW. With all his mates getting hitched, Tim would like to find that special chemistry with a woman who “doesn’t need much makeup”.

Farmer Jenny, 32 – a cattle farmer from Tumbarumba, NSW. Jenny is a former advertising executive who has lived in Singapore, Norway and Sweden. With her body clock ticking, she’s back on the land and not willing to compromise a farming life for a man.

 The format is the same as the previous series where in the first episode the farmer’s will have 10 potentials to date and they have to whittle it down to five to go on a date with. Channel 9 will also have a Farmer Wants A Wife official website ( which will have videos, exclusive interviews and even a discussion forum. Also if you miss the show you will be able to download it from this site.

In other reality TV related scheduling Gordan Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA will commence on Thursday February 5 at 9.30pm, and there will be a sneak peak of Wipeout Australia at 7.30pm Tuesday 3 February.

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