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American Idol – Salt Lake City Auditions

Tonight American Idol was inSalt Lake City and not suprisingly an Osmond showed up. You could tell David was an Osmond due to the cheesy song he sang which was Something Within Me  by boy band Take 6.  David Osmond’s uncle is Danny Osmonde, and he definately had the family smile. He got a ticket through to Hollywood, and fingers crossed he does not have a relapse of his mutliple sclerosis beforehand.

I note this week  in both the Jacksonville, and this audition that Randy and Paula were given more air time, so the producers had decided to give us a break from the Kara and Simon show. Also I was glad tonight Kara had covered up her breasts, as last night in the Jacksonville audition she was showing a lot of cleavage. The positive thing about this was I was so distracted by them, I forgot to obsess about whether she had collagen in her lips. Sorry about no recap last night but I have been having computer issues all week.

Tara Matthews  Salt Lake City’s resident medium came dressed as a cross between a goth and a tranvestite (something I presume is illegal in that town). She did a bad rendition of Fly Away, so back to the crystal ball for her. I cannot believe this year the number of contestants who have sung this year who are totally shocked when they are told how crap they are.

Chris Kirkham provided some light relief by bringing a friend dressed up as a pink bunny. For some reason I found it amusing. Sad but true. His voice wasn’t too bad, and I think if he had turned up sans bunny he might have had a better shot at getting the golden ticket.

Megan a 23 year old single mum and font designer (Is that designing fonts for computers? Is that a job?) sang Can’t help Loving That Man showed that if she does not win she can sing in musicals. Apparently Idol contestants are  saving Broadway. Simon loved her as she was different.

Austin Sisneros a 17 year old who is Riverton High School class  President sang a song by Train  he was average, but he got the chance to sing a second song It Takes A Whole Village. He got through to Hollywood, which I was surprised by, I don’t expect to see much of him in top 100 week.

Taylor Vaifanua a 16 year old student who looked and sounded like she was 25 year old.  Her family moved from Samoa to improve her opportunities.  She sang a hymn so clearly the Mormans made a conversion of her families when they were missionaries in the Pacific.

Rose Flack a 17 year old student had the sad tale of her parents dying in her early teens. She sang  I Feel The Earth Move  the Carol King version not the Martika version.  She was an interesting looking girl and could be quite a favourite if she get through to the top 36. Her biggest liability will be whether her voice is strong enough to get her that far.

The auditions in Salt Lake City were much stronger then Jacksonville, and I expect to see a few make the top 36.


1 Injera { 01.30.09 at 8:08 am }

Thanks so much for these recaps! I was really expecting to be able to watch these by now, but apparently Foxtel installation techies don’t work when the forecast is for a hot day. Yes, they were meant to come on Tuesday, but didn’t pitch. We heard nothing until a phone call we made, when we were told that all installs were cancelled because of the heat. They wouldn’t tell us what the cut-off temp was, but I know builders walk off if it’s over 35. The forecast that day was for 40, but it didn’t reach 35 until after 5.30. Huh. Not happy!

Sorry for the rant… thanks again for the recaps as I almost feel I’m there.

2 Reality Raver { 01.30.09 at 3:31 pm }

That is ridiculous, I hope you get it soon. When I had Foxtel installed they didn’t have to go outside, but then there was cable so a satelite dish wasn’t required. Are you back at work this week? I hope it is going well for you.

3 Injera { 01.30.09 at 5:16 pm }

Back at work, such as it is… The kids don’t start until Monday so we’ve just been in meetings etc (and being sent home early as it’s so – legitimately! – hot). Only working three days/week this term, so I’m really looking forward to having Foxtel! (There’s only so much Dr Phil a soul can handle, after all.)