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The Biggest Loser – Couples Season 4 – Episode 1

This is one reality TV show where people go on it and don’t care if they win they win the prize.  They are just desperate to lose the weight. Well they would have to be to put up with the gratuitous underwear shots so the audience could see just how fat they are.

Two women were so desperate to lose weight they left their babies at home.

The contestants  start their journey on Fitzroy Island and I wondered if they were sent there because they had not found a Sydney base for them at this stage.

And the host Ajay Rochester was there to meet them. This was the first time I had seen her as she has not been in any of the promos.

Host Ajay Rochester - someone has to promote her

Host Ajay Rochester - someone has to promote her

After a Survivor like arrival on the Island for half the had to paddle in on a canoe, but the others were not given a warm welcome by the Commando.

Then was the ritual of the last supper. This is where they laden with junk food that had put them into the position they were in. This all felt a bit staged as they all resisted the food, and Teresa went off to get a bin. Each contestant each muttered some mantra as they threw their ” favourite” meal into it.

We have to wait until tomorrow night for the weigh in, and the twist they are going to weigh in as couples.

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1 Jaa { 02.02.09 at 9:14 pm }

Ha. I like your Ajay promotion line. She’s my fave welfare wrangling fatty. Power to the couples and their underwear shots.