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So You Think You Can Dance Australia Season 2 – Episode 2 – Auditions Brisbane and Perth.

Last night 50 tickets were handed out to dancers in Sydney for the top 100. So now in Brisbane some of the rejected dancers from the Harbour city were going to test my theory that to get through on this show it was better to audition in the cities where there is not as much talent.

Max who had missed out in Sydney was back for another go in Brisbane. Jason wanted to talk about what had happened between them. Jason had thought she was rude when she said she prefered Kelley Abbey’s choreography to Matt Lee’s. It was time when Jason “I like your honesty” Coleman did not like what she said and told her that she was rude.

When he asked her what she thought had happened she said “I think it was a giant misunderstanding.” . Incorrect answer Max you were meant to grovel and apologise at this point. The big mystery about this whole fracas was whether Matt Lee was insulted by her

Ben a 26 year old jazz dancer from the Gold Coast. I thought his dance was nice and subtle instead of the usual lot of tricks. But this meant he had to go to choreography rather then getting his ticket straight away.  Even the story of him being a fat boy didn’t get him to bypass the choreography round.

Gabriel the wall punching dancer from last year wanted to come back to prove himself. He did a lot of jumping and tricks and he got a top 100 ticket. I didn’t get it. he was ok but his technique was not as good as jazz dancer Ben. Did the bad boy coming good story give him the edge?

Talia a Queensland Ballet Company member danced beautifully, Bonnie thought she was neat and tidy but thought she should go to choreography and Matt agreed. I think Talia was a bit shocked that she didn’t get a ticket straight through to the top 100. However after choreography she was given one.

Michael a tapper was not even going to turn up for the audition, his tapping to  the song Route 66 was fun and energetic. I am guessing the reason he was not going to turn up was that he had a speech impediment. Jason condescendingly said “We are only going to judge you on your dancing.” The silent meaning was we are not going to judge you on your stutter. He was put through to top 100 after the choreography round.

Then their was Luke a hip hop dancer who I thought was ok. This was his second audition, as he had been rejected in Sydney, but it was worth it as he did eventually get through to  the top 100.

Max and the other two girls from Sydney were put through, so my theory was true four of the five that flew up to Sydney got into the  top100.

The it was onto Perth.

First up were two ballroom dancers who had neer danced with each other before Kallyanne and Joseph. Unfortunately for them ballroom extrodinaire Jason Gilkison was on the judging pannel so did cop some criticism, but they  did get through to choreography. Kallyanne did end up getting a ticket into the top 100.

Mikaila was a dancer from South Africa  whose father was shot in the driveway of their home.  She did not shine at the audition, but Bonnie used the shooting to try and psychoanalyse her. Once they got tears from her she was allowed to go through to choreography.

They continued to toy with you after the choreography when bereavement counsellor Kelley Abbey said to her “the best thing for you is to continue dancing”. Mikaila’s eyes lit up as she thought she was through, but oh no this was reality TV  and she was told she was not going through. However there were no tears this time.

Nicole made it to the top 100 last year, and was now having another crack at it. Jason tried  to say he wasn’t happy with her dancing and then pulled out a ticket to Sydney.

I note that Perth was so threadbare of dancers only 10 mins of tonight’s audition was devoted to the city.

Next week Wade Robson will be at the Melbourne auditions, and Nigel Lythgoe will be judging the top 100, so SYTYCDA is only going to get better.


1 Culinary Boner { 02.03.09 at 9:21 am }

Raver, agree with your assessment of the show’s ‘use’ of that young girl from South Africa. It was pretty clear from the 1st seconds of her audition she wasn’t going to make the grade, so their teasing her along was patronising at the very least. It all bordered on the mistreatment of psychos and the mentally damaged witnessed at every American Idol audition so far this season. There’s a word Gordon Ramsay uses somewhat less than the F-word to describe producers and judges who indulge in this type of behaviour.

2 Reality Raver { 02.04.09 at 10:29 am }

It was so obvious what they were doing. Like dancing will take away the trauma of seeing your father gunned down in the drive way. It is a pity Mikaila didn’t call Kelley on her pop psychology.

3 dnccrzy { 02.10.09 at 11:05 am }

Its a shame the show is so blatantly resorting to the “drama & tears angle” to judge people on their “tv worthiness”. Its at the point where there are people on the show ‘concocting’ stories to make themselves more interesting, claiming to be self taught dancers when they still attend dance workshops etc., hiding the fact that they are dance teachers, or dance in the same crews…

THere is more than enough talent out there to show more of the dancing & less of the “mock drama”.

The dancers should also remember that last years winner Jack Chambers didnt hav a “story”….instead he just got out there every week & nailed every routine with a great attitude & an in-check ego!