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The Biggest Loser and So You Think You Can Dance Get A Viewer Bonanza

Reality TV is bringing in the viewers for Channel Ten.

On Sunday night, The Biggest Loser attracted a peak audience of 1.65 million viewers. Over one hour, the program averaged 1.16 million viewers. So You Think You Can Dance Australia attracted a peak audience of 1.55 million viewers. Over 90 minutes, the program averaged 1.31 million viewers. 

This season, the new concept of couples has given The Biggest Loser  a fresh dynamic.

I particularly feel for Amanda, the largest female ever on the show.  She seems so lost and depressed but hopefully she will find the mental willpower to lose the weight to feel better about herself. The other contestants, and I presume the viewers at home, looked at her with respect after they found out she was a trained opera singer. Unfortunately for her obesity has killed her career.

Actually I felt sorry for most of the contestants last night as they weighed in, but I am looking forward seeing them change their lives.

Hot tip: Sharif will be a hottie when he loses weight. As will Meaghan and Tiffany.


1 onadrought { 02.03.09 at 7:05 pm }

I don’t know why A Jay had to rub it into Amanda about how big she is was by saying that she’s the biggest woman the show has ever seen. Also, I thought there was way too much of the tearjerking shit last night, ie Channel Ten’s exploitation of people’s problems.

2 bella vita { 02.04.09 at 1:34 am }

Channel 10 love nothing than a good sob story. I wish all the contestants luck…nothing more gruelling than losing weight, especially with the whole country watching you.

3 Reality Raver { 02.04.09 at 10:21 am }

Onadrought – maybe Ajay was thinking she may have been bigger at the height of her obesity. Did you know that there was a show on Ajay trying to lose weight years ago. I accidently saw it on Lifestyle about 7 years ago. As I kept on thinking is that Leanne Towler??
For some reason I am really getting into the show this season, as I really like most of them and their stories.

Bella Vita – I agree it must be stressful for the contestants. Are they only allowed to eat eggs for the week? Also last night Ajay kept on saying they would be able to tell if they made the right decision to eat eggs over the BBQ chicken when they weighed in.
But if no one is going to eat the chicken how can they make a comparison?

4 Dolph Ziggler { 02.05.09 at 10:20 am }

Speaking as a WWE superstar and allround stud-muffin(, these fatties have fucked up big time with the choice of eggs. High protein chicken is the way to go. To burn fat over the longer term they are going to need to keep the muscle on. They will get sick of cooking and eating eggs. Chicken, rice and greens people…Oh, and lotsa ‘roids.

5 onadrought { 02.05.09 at 6:35 pm }

Now Ajay is going on a diet on the show. I guess Channel 10 had to do something about all the comments she was getting about being too fat to host the show.

Dolph Ziggler, if they stick to egg whites they’ll be all right. Besides chicken has a lot of hormones in it and these men’s man boobies are big enough already.

6 Reality Raver { 02.05.09 at 10:11 pm }

I have also noticed that Ajay’s role is very small. Michelle told us that there were other couples losing weight through The Biggest Loser Club.
I reckon they could eat either chicken or egg this week and lose a whole lot of weight.

I think the hour episodes are becoming to drawn out they need to cut them bakc to half an hour.

7 Anonymous { 02.06.09 at 5:31 am }

RR – I say cut them back to 15minutes. lol

Seriously, so much of the show is recaps – what happened before the break! What happened after the break! What will happen before the next break! What will happen after the next break!

8 onadrought { 02.06.09 at 8:42 pm }

agree with anon. Didn’t even watch it tonight. One of the only reasons I watch it anyway, is to remind myself never to get that way.

9 Reality Raver { 02.06.09 at 8:46 pm }

Anon – I agree it is a bit hard to show people working out on a beach day after day.

Onadrought I forgot to watch it also. But I will be watching it on Sunday for the weigh in. I reckon Amanda will lose 7 kilos.

10 bella vita { 02.07.09 at 1:45 am }

I’m over it already…Leanne, woops sorry AJAY really annoys me as a host…no-one beats Bob & Gillian’s involvement.

11 bella vita { 02.07.09 at 1:46 am }

I should also add….when going through names for herself…did Leanne just scroll through books and like the name Ajay?? Perhaps Rochester in Victoria was a family holiday destination when she was longer? Was Ajay a guy she secretly had a crush on in Year 9? Was Ro..the first part of her mums surname, and her dad’s was Chester?
Who know? I cant believe im writing this crap at 2am!

12 Reality Raver { 02.07.09 at 2:47 pm }

Having gone to the same Alumni as Leanne Towler, I can assure you there was no guy named Ajay, they were all Jason’s, Mark’s, Peter’s, and Michael’s. Also doubt the family went anywhere as exotic as Victoria for their holidays.