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American Idol Season 8 Hollywood Week – Episode 1

Simon Cowell When He Was 19 - Still They Same Attitude

Simon Cowell When He Was 19 - Still They Same Attitude

Kara DioGuardi belittled herself going round two with Katrina Darrell in American Idol’s Hollywood Week.  She was just nasty when she was critiquing her and then when she made it through to round 2 she turned to Simon and said “Did you leave your number in the back room?”. Also as she walked out of the theatre she said “Bring a pole next time.”.

I mean Katrina is not going to make it into the top 36 so why doesn’t she just chill about it. Some of the songs she has written have probably been sung by singers who are good looking girls with not so strong voices. “Spinning Around” anyone?

Simon Cowell was just having a good time exasperating the female judges with his support for her. Speaking of Simon how hilarious is that photo of him above? It was taken in Antigua in the ’70’s take off the braces and the look and the hairstyle are practically the same.

It was the start of Hollywood Week and the singers had to perform in front of the judges, but there was no second chances if they did not like you it was time to go home.

The judges continued to love Lil Rounds, who I thought was ear splittingly bad, but she got a standing ovation from the judges. This is the difference between American Idol and Australian Idol, they really love the big diva type singers. I am hoping this year they put a variety of singers through to mix the top 36 up a bit.

I presume they are looking to as the punk rocker Emily from Phoenix choked on a No Doubt song and was put through, as was a nice but not fantastic performance from Rose Flack. I think as the competition continues Rose is going to be very much out of her depth.

Jeremy Sarver  an oil rigger may be American Idol’s Luke Dickens. He has a nice voice and they love putting through a “anyone can audition and make it” Idol contestant. By the way does anyone know if Luke ended up getting a record contract?

Speaking of record contracts, the girl who had one Joanna Pacitti was not sighted during this episode, are they trying to keep her underwraps to prevent a viewer backlash?

Von Smith needed to go out and buy a lottery ticket after  a trully awful performance which Simon Cowell called an  “indulgent performance” got him through to the second round. 

Nick Mitchell aka Norman who dresses like Richard Symonds but has a persona like Bob Downe scraped into the top 100 with an entertaining audition in New York. I would have placed money on him not going any further, but somehow he scraped through to round two. I expect him to be wiped out by the group song.

Danny Gokey whose wife died recently got Paula Abdul very excitable. Is Paula wanting to be the rebound, as she jumped to her feet and announced that he was ready to record records. I mean he was ok but not sensational.

Jackie Tohn this year’s rock chick hopefully will make through to the top 36 as she is something different with a smokey husky voice, and is the most entertaining person there.

She is probably hoping her singing career is going to take off, as her movie career looks like tanking if this small scene in Postal is anything to go by. Click link here.

Next episode they have to get into groups to perform, this always provides hours of entertainment as they bitch at each other as the fatigue sets in.

If you cannot wait to know who will be in the top 36 here is a list of who they are. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information.


1 me { 02.04.09 at 11:42 pm }

i agree with paula about the guy whose wife died. the guy actually has Identity in his voice which is probably most important a future recording artist can have!

im very interested to see how they edit the upcoming hollywood episodes since by then they had found out about the girl who killed herself outside paulas house.

2 Reality Raver { 02.05.09 at 12:22 am }

Me – So we can expect Paula to fall apart in the next episode? I just cannot see Danny making it. Nice guy, ok looking, but a little bland for my taste.

3 bella vita { 02.07.09 at 12:48 am }

I agree that Kara really should be disgusted in her behaviour. Fair enough that model girl WAS a huge Diva and pain, but for a professional to carry on like that on TV is quite horrible…at least save the cattiness for behind the camera. She should be lucky and treading carefully in this her first year of judging. And is it just me, or they’re making Randy seem less important?

4 Reality Raver { 02.07.09 at 2:25 pm }

Bella Vita – I agree we have barely seen Randy this year. I am not sure about Kara, I just find her a bit bitchy, but then again Simon is similar and I love him. So maybe I am being sexist.
I know people did not like bikini girl, but I think the point for her to audition was to get noticed and she did.
She is the only person kicked out early on Hollywood week who has done interviews that I can remember. And points to her when she was interviewed by Ryan Seacrest on his radio show she asked him “When are we going to make out again?”. Hilarious.