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American Idol Corruption? – Joanna Pacitti Knows Two American Idol Executives.

If you are watching American Idol Hollywood Week you would not even know Joanna Pacitti was there as she is yet to be featured. Joanna Pacitti, the Carly Smithson of Season 8 Idol has created controversy due to previously having a record contract and also having been on a MTV reality TV show This Crazy Life.

However more news has just come out that Joanna Pacitti also knows two executives who work at Entertainment 19, the company that produces American Idol. The gossip mag Star claims a source attributed to Pacitti that she has referred to a woman named Michelle Young as her “manager” and “best friend,” while saying that a guy named Roger Widynowskiwas a big deal in “helping me get where I am today,” a source attributes to Pacitti

They are the two that work for Entertainment 19. Also all three lived in the same apartment complex for three years. It is all very Melrose Place.


1 bella vita { 02.07.09 at 1:50 am }

Ahhh…there’s always one every season!

Season 2, there was also that big scandal with Frenchie, who had previously stripped in a mens magazine..

There have been other contestants that have had prior management deals etc…their clause is that they have to cease all ties before commencing on idol, and have no appearances/records/other tv shows in production.

Remember also in Oz Idol…Rosie Ribbons had been Top 10 in the UK Version (and had released singles), however was still able to make Top 24 in Australia (to many disgruntled contestants)

2 Reality Raver { 02.07.09 at 8:16 am }

I think Joanna is going to have to be excellent to get anywhere on the show. If she gets top 36 she is going to have to be amazing to get through the voter backlash.

On the oversea forums there has been some criticism about Idol not showing some of the popular singers performing and now they are eliminated.
For those who cared about David Osmonde apparently he got sick and lost his voice.