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So You Think You Can Dance Australia – Top 100

Well I now know why Bonnie Lythgoe is a judge on So You Think You Can Dance Australia. In this illuminating article in Adelaide Now she states that her and Nigel Lythgoe are separated but still live together in the same house. So did Nigel ship her out to Australia to give himself a break?

However they must be on speaking terms as Nigel Lythgoe was guest judge on tonight’s Top 100 episode and he certainly showed the other judges how it is done. 

Hopefully they learnt the following from Nigel:

  • How to give helpful advice to the dancers so they can improve,
  • How to speak in sounds bites, and
  • How to talk to the dancers without being condescending.

The first challenge for the top 100 was a Broadway Jazz routine based on a West Side Story scenario. The routine was choreographed by Kelley Abbey and the special guest dancers to showcase the routine was last year’s winner Jack Chambers and Kate Wormald.

A lot of dancers were struggling with the routine especially the hip hop and B boys.  Jet whose biggest journey this season was travelling to three cities to audition until he finally got in was out of his depth and he was unsurprisingly eliminated. 

Emmanuel whose is a self taught hip hop dancer crashed in the routine, but got the opportunity to dance for his life to stay in the competition. Emmanuel did a few tricks I don’t think he is good enough for top 20 but he certainly has a likeability factor which is so important for these voting competitions. Also his girlfriend Jesse is a smoking hot dancer and I will be very surprised if she does not make it into the top 20.

Wild Rok, a B-boy from Melbourne also had to dance for his life. Is Wild Rok a former gymnast? As his moves were amazing, but due to lack of musicality he was eliminated.

Jasmine the chinese girl whose father turned up after the audition in Sydney was also eliminated at this point as she did not have the versatility.

So if yo made it through round one the next form of dance was hip-hop. Nacho Pop choreographed it, and  Rhys Borbridge and Demi got down and dirty with it.

It was a difficult routine, and a lot of people bothched it, out of frustration the judges sent the dancers back to their hotel while they decided who would be eliminated and who would have to dance for their life.

Forever was one who had to dance for her life. Forever who had done an amazing audition in Sydney again put on makeup and came out dressed as a London Bobby. But she really stuffed up as there was hardly any dancing in this slapstick routine, they called her on that and she was eliminated. Personally I was pretty disappointed, as I think she would have added something to the comp. But her propensity for tears may have indicated something loopy about her.

David Dennis, Hilton’s brother whos is a bit of a clown  was also having to dance for his life. I am not a huge fan, I think he is athletic, but his feet are all over the place. It amused me that Matt Lee had to man up and tell him to “stop taking the piss”. We need to see more of that side of you Matt.

I will be very surprised if  Chanel who made it to the top 100 last year makes it to the top 20. Chanel who suffers from scoliosis confessed to the judges that a doctor told her she should not go further then the top 100 as her back would not cope with it. Your could almost see the judges mentally putting a line through her name. She got through to the next round, but with the rigours of the top 20 I doubt if they will take the risk of her breaking down.

Sydney B-boy Don’s dance to Bohemian Rhapsody was the most entertaining routine of the night. I hope he gets through to top 20, as appears to be quite versatile.

Now it wouldn’t be a reality TV show without a few dramatic injuries. Heath who reminded me of So You Think You Can Dance Season 2 runner up Travis Wall. Unfortunately for Heath he rolled his ankle at the end of his dance for your life routine. After dancing on it for a bit more the ambulance officer said he should go to the hospital to have it examined to ensure nothing was broken. But he soldiered on and is still in the competition.

The next dance to learn was a Sarah Boulter choreographed contemporary routine. Sarah was one of the best choreographers from Season 1 of the show, and her routine was not easy.

Drumstick a b-boy who is part deaf and night blind was given special praise for his efforts.

They don’t seem to be showcasing as many ballroom dancers this year. Jessica and Damien are one such couple who only started dancing with each other 3 weeks before the auditions. Jessica was extremely keen and enthusiastic and made it through to contemporary, where she was eliminated.  She sobbed into Natalie Bassingthwaites arms. I thought she was good, and preferred her over the other female ballroom dancer they have been showing Ash-Leigh.

Tomorrow night the dancers will have to tacke ballroom, and I presume do another solo. It should be a strong top 20 if the quality of the dancers we are seeing are an indication.

Matt Lee is continuing to wear caps due to his perceived large forehead. One reader last week was scathing that I did not know that I heart VZ was the Von Zipper brand, so I was just wondering if his cap with a beaver on it was some trendy brand that I had not heard of.


1 Culinary Boner { 02.09.09 at 9:24 am }

“her and Nigel Lythgoe are separated but still live together in the same house”

Raver, putting aside the bad grammar, I am somewhat intrigued whether, under this arrangement, they can bring back dates for a shag or do they instead have rent a nearby hotel or make do with the back seat of the Nigel’s Aston Martin? Is there a booking arrangement in place for the use of the household spa? Surely these questions are a matter of reality TV significance and are worthy of you seeking an interview with Bonnie so that you can illuminate your readers.

2 Culinary Boner { 02.09.09 at 9:36 am }

On a more serious note, Chanel’s trying to make a sob story out of her condition has, as you said, most likely blown it for her. I can just see the Channel 10 lawyers advising the producers of the liability risk should she suffer permanent damage as a result of the gruelling weekly schedule once in the Top 20. Sure, she entered voluntarily, but once she is being ‘egged on’ to perform to win she could most likely claim that the show was responsible for pushing her deeper and deeper in. Pity, but that’s life in today’s litigious world.

3 Injera { 02.09.09 at 6:11 pm }

Perhaps Matt has sold advertising space on his hats. This week, he’s promoting Kotex.

4 bella vita { 02.09.09 at 9:59 pm }

I was surprised to see Forever get the boot last night. I assumed she was a strong favourite from the beginning, but i was wrong!

I laughed when i saw Bonnie’s face as Nigel appeared. It is obvious that she is so much still in love and awe of him, but he couldnt care less. In interviews I have read, she always claims that he used to put her down and didnt want her audition to judge on our version of the show. She said her whole marriage that he didnt want to include her and never thought she was a good enough dancer. But she says how much she loves him etc etc and if it was her way, they would never have separated..he had changed and didnt think they had anything in common any longer. I read these things during the promo for last year.

5 Reality Raver { 02.09.09 at 10:09 pm }

Injera – Now that is a brand I have heard of…..

Bella Vita – I was surprised and disappointed that Forever was booted, but we did not get to see her dance at all up until then so maybe she was not as good as we thought she was. I quite liked her ‘dance for your life’ routine, but it did not showcase her dancing ability, and the make up was a gimmick once but twice it was a bit same same. She should definately come back next year.
Agree with you about Bonnie she needs to become a cougar and find a younger hotter man to make Nigel jealous. That should not be difficult she is goodlooking and rich.

As you said in all the interviews she has said he takes her for granted, and then she acts like a doormat by staying in the house she just continues that role. Have some dignity Muriel.

Culinary Boner – As for sleep overs they are wealthy enough to have ‘holiday’ homes or stay in plush hotels with any new paramours.