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The Biggest Loser Couples – The First Weigh In

Did anyone else think there was some reality TV manipulation going on with the order the couples had to weigh in? It was very suspicioius as if they already knew each of the couples weight. Every couple getting weighed beat the previous people to take the top spot.

Also the final couple to weigh in Bob and Tiffany had the biggest weight loss with a combined total of 19.5kg and they crowned Bob the biggest loser of the week.

Holly and Mel, and Ramses and Tania will be fighting it out to try and avoid elimination. Hopefully Holly and Mel will be the ones eliminated.

The full list from the weigh in:

  • Ben and Sean  lost 14.6 kg this was calculated at 5.11% of their combined body weight,
  • Amanda and Stewart  lost 16.4 kgs  therefore 5.35% of their body weight,
  • Meaghan and Julie lost 12.7kg therefore 5.45% of their body weight,
  • Cameron and Sammy lost 15.5kg this was a  5.48% of their body weight,
  • Teresa and Sharif lost 17.7kgs which was 6.03% of their body weight,
  • Holly and Mel lost 9.8 kg which was 4.66% of their body weight,
  • Nathan and Andrew lost 18kg this was  6.22% of their body weight (these guy’s cockiness is starting to get on my nerves)
  • Jeda and Jodie lost 12.4kg, but they were able to add 3kg (which was given to them by Nathan and Andrew) to take them to 15.4kg  therefore they had lost 6.76% of their bodyweight,
  • Ramses and Tania lost 12.3kg which was only 4.5% of their bodyweight. I was surprised at the smallness of her loss at only 4.2 kg. Maybe she has been eating to many of those eggs,
  • Bob and Tiffany – 19.5kgs – 6.93% now in first place. Bob lost 12.8kg he is this weeks Biggest Loser.

Is there a weekly prize or is the title just for the kudos of it?


1 bella vita { 02.09.09 at 9:52 pm }

Just the kudos of it i think…havent heard a prize.

By know that Tania & Ramses are out..can’t stand Holly & whingey and sooky! As its early days, the weight loss of the evicted wasnt that great ( Tania 11kg and Ramses 15kg), but good luck to them for improving their health and building a stronger relationship!

2 Reality Raver { 02.09.09 at 10:18 pm }

If you win the week – maybe they should get immunity for the following week.
Yes I have seen the episode (just writing about it now). I was amazed they didn’t kick Holly out – early episodes I would have not worried to much about strategy. I am glad I was not the only one who thought the weight loss was pretty poor once they have been eliminated.
On the Channel Ten press release it says he has lost overall 11.1 kgs, since being on the show. But considering 8.2kgs were lost while he was on Fitzroy Island that is pretty poor. The other thing was that he reckons he has gone from 5XL to XL. That has got to be bollocks.

3 kim at allconsuming { 02.09.09 at 10:38 pm }

Chef is CONVINCED the whole weigh-in thing is rigged. RIGGED!