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The Biggest Loser – Did Ramses Have To Leave Because Of His Bad Back?

Now I love a good conspiracy theory, and tonight whilst watching the elimination of The Biggest Loser I thought that  the contestants had been told to vote out Ramses and Tania because he was having to withdraw because of his bad back? I was surprised and disappointed as I really liked this pair.

I loved the way they were whisked of the island so they were not tempted by the resort’s breakfast buffet the next day.

Keeping Holly in with the gold bracelet on which gives her the potential to win $400,000 has got to be as palatable as George W Bush running for a third term.

The other rumour going around is the host Ajay Rochester is in her last season on this show to be replaced by last year’s runner up Alison Braun. By tonight’s performance I am not surprised. I know at this stage of filming she still had the court case hanging over her head, but it looked like she had taken a couple of Xanax to ensure no animation or personality was going to emerge.

At least stand up and hug the contestants when they are eliminated. Get excited about their weight loss. Don’t ask them boring questions like she did to Cameron who had lost over 12 kgs “So Cameron what do you have to say to other overweight people in there fifties who think it is to late to lose weigh?” That was just condescending and yawn inducing.

What about “Hey that is fantastic” show animated happy face “How do you feel? Tell me the best weight loss tip you have learnt this week.” or ” What have you learnt that you are going to take home with you?”

At the end of the episode they showed Tania and Ramses two months on  and I am not sure if I am being harsh but it appeared little had changed. They claimed they have been working out 6 days a week, but she 15.9 kg, and he has lost 11.1kg (8.2 of those was what he lost on the show). He gloated he had dropped from a 5extra large to an extra large. If that was the case then I would be a size zero.

Tomorrow night’s episode The Biggest Loser looks like it is turning into The Amazing Race.