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Farmer Wants A Wife – Series 3 Starts Tonight On Channel Nine

How can a reality TV show be successful if it does not have a big cash prize or shiny car to win at the end of it? Well it can be if love is involved.

Channel 9 premiers the first of its big reality TV programs tonight with the screening of Farmer Wants A Wife. This highly popular show has no prize except the possibility of finding true love.

The show is now into its third series and they have mixed it up by having female farmer Jenny looking for a husband. No gay farmers as yet, maybe we will have to wait until season 4 for that scenario.

Tonight the Farmers meet the 10 people (sorry have to keep it gender neutral now) they picked from their application forms, for the speed dating challenge.

TV Week has an article about what the farmers thought of the women they met:


Farmer Jennysaid one man caught her eye  as she was looking through her applications. “there was a photo of him on a horse – I’m into horseriding, too” she says “But it wasn’t the photo that stood out, it was the application.”

Whe she sat down with the man face-to-face, she was so “rocked” that she had to take a break from the speed dates. “He just seemed really genuine and emotionally intelligent,” she explains. “A lot of people are good with animals have that extra intelligence. But I’ve only known him for 10 minutes of my life, so I can’t say what he’s really like or whether anything could happen.”


Farmer Ralph who is a former polo player admits initial attraction is important to him in a relationship. So when it came to choosing 10 girls from the 248 who applied to meet him, the photos played a big part in his decision.

“At first I went strictly for looks,” he explains. “Then, once I narrowed it down to, say, 30, I started reading into the profiles and trying to get a picture of who these women are.”

But when it came to the speed dates, there wasn’t one girl who stood out. “It was really hard with 10 there. There were a few girls who were really beautiful and we had a connection, but it’s just going to take time. I hardly know them yet.”


Farmer Paul said right from the application stage, there was one woman who attracted his attention. “She was the one I really wanted to meet, to see if there was something there,” says the single dad.

And was there? “Definately,” he reports. “There was more than a spark. There were fireworks!” But just to make things interesting, another woman in Paul’s top 10 is someone special from his past.

“We used to knock about10 years ago,” he reveals. “We never actually got together, but there was a spark.”


Farmer Tim said out of the 322 girls who applied to meet him, one was so “absolutely gorgeous” that he nearly didn’t pick her.

“It turned me off because I thought,’Why would she be interested in me?'” the larrikin farmer admits.”But then I thought, ‘Oh well, give her a go – you never know.”

When the moment arrived for Tim’s speed date with her, he began to tremble. “For some reason, I started shaking,” he recalls. “But once she sat down and started talking, she was really nice, as well. So hopefully she’s keen on me!”


Farmer Damianis a Tasmanian farmer who knew from the beginning what kind of girl he didn’t want to bring to the farm. “I kicked out a few of the more tall, sexy, blonde-bimbo types and just tried to find ones who seemed to have the personlity that fitted,” he explains. “A few of them probably didn’t – they seemed to be in it for different reasons.”

Damian was happy with his 10 girls – especially the one he describes as “a bit of a good sort”.

“She had an honest face and looked more natural,” he remembers. “She was just genuine to talk to.”


Farmer Andrewwho was the youngest farmer only had 36 applications to choose from, and was less then thrilled with the ones he got. “I wasn’t overly excited by them,” he admits. “I thought I could’ve had a few more.”

When he met the 10 girls he’d picked, however, things started looking up. “There was a bit of a spark with a couple of them,” he reveals.” There were definitely two or three who weren’t just pretty faces. They were quite smart and down-to-earth.”

And he already has a favourite. “She was a fantastic girl to speak to,” he says. So has Andrew found a potential wife? “I won’t say that just yet, but she could be relationship material… ”

The previous two series there has been one marriage and one engagement, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a farmer meets his match on this series.

Watch it tonight on Channel 9 at 7.30pm