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Project Runway Stars Will Be Seen At Melbourne Fashion Week


L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week was launched yesterday, and Project Runway Australia’s winner Juli Gbrac will be showing a collection, as will judge Jayson Brundson . Their collections will be shown on Tuesday March 17 on the L’Oreal Paris Runway.

The other Project Runway Designer to show will be Lui Hon for Von who will be showcasing his clothes on the Independent Runway which will be sponsored by Channel 10.

In overseas Project Runway news, the finale for the yet to be screened Project Runway Series 6 finale will be filmed at next weeks New York Fashion Week. The current series is currently in court and it is unknown when it will be screened.

Project Runway series 1 winner Jay McCarroll will also be showing at New York Fashion week. Jay who turned down the $100,000 prize money citing a contractual clause that gave the Project Runway production company 10% stake in all his professional ventures for perpetuity. Is that legal?

Anyway a documentary called Eleven has been made of what happens McCarroll after he exited the reality TV show. It is being shown on Bravo on February 20, so hopefully Arena will pick it up and show it here.