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So You Think You Can Dance Australia – Top 20 – What Do You Think?

Does Max (Kirsty) Francisco have some type of perpetual foot in mouth disease? You would think she would have learnt  to zip it after she told the judging panel in Sydney that she preferred Kelley Abbey’s choreography to Matt Lee’s. Jason had told her that she was rude then.  It appeared they had made up …. well until tonight.

Just before she was told she was in the top 20 the Jason raised that incident for what seemed like the 100th time, when Max blurted out she thought “everyone has a nasty side” his expression hardened, and his displeasure was shown when she went over to the panel to kiss the judges and he stood up and shook her hand instead.

Let’s hope Jason has forgotten about it all by this Sunday when the first top 20 show is on. I find her honesty, and saying what she thinks quite refreshing. And about the incident in the Sydney audition I don’t what she said was intended to be malicious.

Also speaking of Jason Coleman – what does chookers mean? He said it after he told the dancers the next time he would see them they would be reduced from 40 to 20. Is it some form of saying goodbye? A Melbourne expression perhaps?

Now the Top 20 are:

Ash-Leigh Hunter the ballroom dancer who looks like she has had some sort of incident with an exploding can of fake tan was always going to get through as she was the only ballroom dancer that they were profiling in the top 40. Her husband Danniel did not make it. I had not realised she was a professional dancer and had performed in Burn The Floor.  I thought she had muttered something tonight about never having audition before.

Charlie Bartley is hip hop dancer who is a student  at Brent St and a retail assistant. When the judges were telling him he had made it they also told him to bring his personality. Which was a good tip because he barely registers on my recognition radar. I wonder if he would have got in if  Gabriel had not had a “how could I have been so stupid moment” when he busted his knew when he was fooling around on beanbags as he was celebrating getting into the top 40.

Penny Higgs a dance teacher from Melbourne could be to this competition what Mercede Corby was to Ralph. Hot tip she will be dating a footballer by the end of the series. She works as a dance teacher across four studios in Melbourne. Is one of those Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance?

Stephen Tannos is a 20 year old contemporary dancer. He works professionally as a dancer, and he teaches at the Sydney Dance Company. He has not been getting much air time up until now.

Talia the ballerina from Brisbane who dances in the Qld Ballet company was another dead cert to get into the top 20 something the judges confirmed when they told her they had been saying to each other all week, she was going to be put through.

Timomatic Omaji is a 21 year old hip hop dancer from Melbourne, he is a professional dancer and teacher. He also sings. He is another dancer who has not had much TV time.

I was disappointed Don the tiny but entertaining B-Boy did not make it.

Another short boy that did not make it was the child of the Brent St owners Christian. His problem was  he was not great dancing with a partner.

I really like the look of this top 20 it is diverse and talent.  What do you think?


1 bella vita { 02.12.09 at 1:45 am }

a few surprises tonight…and to answer your questions…

Chookas means good luck or break a leg before performer’s go on stage in the industry..

No, Penny doesnt teach for Jason..she just teaches at little unknown dance studios

You could tell how shattered poor Christian was…from all reports, he is apparantly known to be the best dancer in Sydney, but for personality reasons and clashes, he didnt get in.

Its obvious Jason doesnt like Max…i guess we all clash with someone in our lives!

I like Don, thought he was entertaining, and those hand movements were quite quirky.

My favs are Danny, Stephen and Jessie so far

Matt Lee’s hat tonight was proudly sponsored by London Bobbies (police)

2 Anonymous { 02.12.09 at 7:20 am }

I would hope that Penny isn’t a dance teacher, she can’t even do one jetee or dance around a partner. Remember her complaining in Samba rehearsal about the difficulty of moving around someone? Most of her teaching is cheerleading teaching but she calls it dance. She’s a joke. I seriously cannot believe she has been put through. They’re risking what little credibility they have left in the dance world.

Overall, I like this top twenty more than last year’s, although the ballroom dancers do absolutely nothing for me and I think it’s stacked too heavily on the commercial/jazz/hiphop side. At the moment, from what we have seen, my faves are: Loredo, Talia, Gianne, Paina, and BJ.

3 Reality Raver { 02.12.09 at 9:22 am }

Bella Vita thanks for telling me the meaning of chookas.

Yes I thought Christian was a dead cert for top 20, but I had not realised how tiny his is, which is a liability with all the lifts unless you find a tiny girl to pair him with.

What personality clashes was he having? With producer/judges or other contestants?

Very funny re: Matt Lee’s hat, they could almost have there own blog. Almost.

Anon – I figure they put Penny through because of her different style and personality. Some of the other jazz/contemporary girls were similar in look and personality. Anyway it is working as people are talking about her.
I think she will be angling for a photoshoot in a mens mag. I have already found a photo of her in a bikini.

4 bella vita { 02.12.09 at 9:59 am }

It must be hard for Christian to come to the table with so much baggage. For those of you that dont know…Brent Street is the biggest Performing Arts school in Australia, and being the son of one of the owner’s must be quite difficult in this sort of comp (many of the contestants are ex Brent Street students)
Im not sure who’s son he is, but my guess is Jackie Howard. There are 3 Howard girls…Marianne who played Alice on E Street, another one i dont know..and Jackie, who was a judge on PopStars Series 2 with Jason Coleman! Jackie is only one of them who would have a child this old, so i guess he’s she’s!
Apparantly in the Sydney dance scene (under 20’s) he is the best at what he does, so the poor boy must be crushed.

5 Bryce Grimes { 02.12.09 at 12:45 pm }

Join Loredo’s support group on Facebook and help him win SYTYCD Australia ’09!

6 Anonymous { 02.12.09 at 2:28 pm }

See, I just don’t think Penny has a different style. She’s just another “jazz”/hiphop/commercial girl, and they have quite a few of those already. It’s hilarious, I was at dance school earlier and everyone just thinks SYTYCD is such a joke now. I mean, have you heard of a jazz dancer not being able to do a jetee? It’s such a basic move. If she didn’t look the way she did, she wouldn’t be in the the Top 20. She’s Laura Version 2.0. It’s pathetic, I thought this was So You Think You Can DANCE.

7 Reality Raver { 02.12.09 at 9:33 pm }

Christ I just re-looked at my post and half of it must of been deleted somehow before I hit publish. Sorry. Not happy I was up late so clearly brain had some sort of meltdown.

Anon – I am not sure whether I was meant to laugh but your comment made me crack up especially the Laura version 2.0.
Any chance of you auditioning next year? I don’t think she will go far. But we will get more of a grasp on what the dancers are like on Sunday.

8 Anonymous { 02.12.09 at 10:51 pm }

Laughter is good! Haha, no, I definitely won’t be auditioning next year. I work in dance admin. Although if Penny can get through with her butchering of Wade, brainfart of Samba, slaughter of jetees, and IQ of 12 maybe I could dance my way in. Oh wait, I don’t look like a Zoo Magazine wannabe, guess I wouldn’t make it…

9 Ella { 04.07.09 at 2:32 am }

I definitely think the main reason Christian didn’t get in was his size. Even if they paired him with someone tiny like Tahlia & Max, he would eventually have to dance with someone bigger once they were eliminated or he got to top 10 – imagine him lifting Amy or Gianne or Penny?
I think it was mean of the judges to eliminate him before the top 40 though, he should have had the chance to do his solo & the walk etc.
I was rewatching the first season & I saw him in rehearsals helping out a choreographer – the big black lady with the afro (sorry I couldn’t thinking of a more PC descrption) – I can’t remember her name!
Hopefully he realises that not getting in isn’t a reflection of his dancing ability, just the short-comings of the show in showcasing the best talent possible. Although he did seem a little cocky & whiny in top 100 week!