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Farmer Wants A Wife Series Three – Episode 1 – The Speed Date

Don’t you love how they didn’t let the guys who were going to meet Farmer Jenny, the first female farmer, drive up from Sydney with the girls who were going to meet the male farmers? Did they think there would be a chance for love to strike even before the show had started filming?

It was the usual scenario for the first episode the farmers were scattered around the Hunter Valley Winery and they got to spend five minutes with people they have selected.

Farmer Paul appears to be the farmer to most likely to find true love on the show. He thought a wool classer from Victoria Nerena was amazing and sparks flew. Also sparks also flew with Bridie a person he knew from ten years ago. If he takes these two to the farm it could be very interesting.

Farmer Jenny looked like she had some nice guys, however the Owen the guy she thought had “rocked” her seemed far to intense for me.

Ralph definitely picked his ladies on looks. He was very excited about Sandra the 20 year old Ralph model. He thought she was hot, I am not sure she would make a good farmer’s wife, but maybe he is just trying to get laid.

Farmer Tim was extremely nervous but he seem very sweet, especially when he told a beautiful dance instructor “Girls like you don’t normally look at me”.

Farmer Andrew the youngest farmer kept on testing the girls by asking them how they would handle the blood and guts. Predictably most of the girls were not going to gush about that aspect of farming.

Farmer Damien who is from Tasmainia seemed nice and managed to keep up a nice line of patter.

As usual I am cursed with this show, and my recording cut out so I only saw who Farmer Paul picked, and there was no surprises there.

For more on what the Farmers thought of the women they met at the speed date see this post here.

It seems like it is going to be another well cast series of Farmer Wants A Wife.