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So You Think You Can Dance – Top 20 Elimination Show

Did anyone else notice that SYTYCDA  judge Jason Coleman did not applaud when Max finished her dance for her life solo nor looked at her when she was giving her farewell speech? Due to a skip on the Fox IQ I missed his speech when he eliminated her – I would be curious to know what he said.

I know he was pissed when Max said to him everyone has a nasty side (which she said non-maliciously) but really who should be the adult here?

Having had my rant I do believe Max was the dancer to be eliminated, as her dancing was just not good enough. Last night and tonight’s solo showed that.

I also knew Jesse was going to go after his pretty dull hip hop solo. The vote apparently was not unanimous and I would have loved to know why. It would have been surprising if Damien had gone as he is the only male ballroom dancer.

Damien is quite the little romantic. He  was dancing the jive for a girl and he wanted the dance to show how he felt when he was with her. Now THAT is a Valentines Day present.

Stephen who was dressed as a cross between Dame Edna and Aladdin did one of the best solos I have seen EVER. If he can get past his mis- matched pairing with Ash-Leigh he could go a long way on the show.

Matt Lee is obviously reading my blog because he made sure I would get the fact he is advertising Von Zipper by having the words on it rather then just the  letters VZ.

Prediction – Kelley Abbey to be choreographing on the US version of So You Think You Can Dance Season 5 the opening routine was brilliant.


1 notmensa { 02.16.09 at 10:41 pm }

Thanks for the recap!

Jason didn’t give a spiel before eliminating Max – he didn’t even speak to each lady individually. There’s some seriously bad blood there….
Once Max was out it didn’t bode well then for Jesse. I think they’ve been very deliberate with the pairings, especially with those less experienced technically eg Emmanuel. The couples also seem to be well balanced in terms of personalities, I wonder if it’s make sure there are no dummy spits that could derail the Sunday night show / dance.

Great prediction on Kelly. Wow, that routine *rocked*.

2 KC { 02.16.09 at 11:24 pm }

Glad Max got out cause she just wasn’t that great. And while some people say she stands out and is really awesome etc etc, I just thought she was annoying. I personally don’t really like Stephen and I kinda wished he got out but based on his solo, he definitely deserves to stay in so I have nothing to say about the guys. I wanted Damien to stay so I guess that just left Jesse out. But I find it so weird how everyone was like OMG *shock* and OH when Jesse got out. Was Damien really that surprising to have stayed? And I also find it ironic how the pupil (Pania) remains but the teacher (Jesse) goes.

Did anyone else find the second half of the show so very rushed? I loved the elimination show cause it was entertaining (I think Sam Sparrow is bad live but the dancers made up for the singing) and there was more content instead of suspense of who’s getting out cause that gets old. But near the end, you could see Natalie getting so rushed to get to the next part of the show and how she basically shoved people off stage just to shoo them off. I found it funny not offending mind you I just don’t know a nicer word for shoving. Which is why I thought Jason didn’t make the girl speech thing long. Although that might be the bad blood between him and Max.

3 Anonymous { 02.16.09 at 11:38 pm }

I like Kelly Abbey, but I thought that routine was extremely derivate of Wade’s Top 20 Group dance in Season 3… I know Kelly has original and creative ideas of her own, so I find it rather confusing…

I kinda hated Stephen’s solo. I think he’s really overrated. *ducks and hides from Reality Raver* Don’t hurt meeee.

4 RR reader { 02.17.09 at 6:33 am }

Haven’t watched the result show myself, but it has happened before on other SYTYCD shows where the eliminated dancers are dismissed rather quickly without explanation. It could be that the reason for elimination is obvious or there isn’t enough time left. (One CAN SYTYCD dancer was eliminated without his goodbye package shown due to time limitation. The package was shown in the season finale.)

5 Culinary Boner { 02.17.09 at 9:11 am }

Jason’s overall facial demeanour towards Max would have gone down well for an Underbelly performance. Certainly scarier than Matt Newtown’s Mr Asia. Best not walk in front of Jas’s car, Max, or you’ll be breakdancing beneath it.

6 Reality Raver { 02.17.09 at 9:45 am }

Not Mensa – That is the best handle name I have read in a long time.
KC – I forgot about Pania being a student of Jesse. I think elimination in the early rounds can be a matter of just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Jesse is not the worse male dancer in the show. If it had been a few more weeks in maybe they would have eliminated Damien. Like Stephen or not (in fact I have no opinion of him as last night’s solo was the first time I had actually seen him dance for any length of time) he deserved to stay.
Did anyone else think Sam Sparro was trying to look like the late and great Freddie Mercury? With the mo and leather. It was a bit rushed as they did jam pack a lot in an hour. But at least it was not boring or dragged out.

Anon – Different ideas are good for debate on blog. Also I am very impressed by your knowledge of other SYTYCD routines. I tend to forget once I have seen them unless they are super sensational.

RR Reader – I am not usually obsessed about seeing the judges make the eliminations speeches. But normally Jason does a “this was a hard decision” or a “sorry to see you go” or a little pep talk. I wanted to see how he told Max the bad news.

Culinary Boner – LOL re: Underbelly, but from my conversation from work colleague that last night’s episode was more Boogie Nights than Scarface. Eight sex/nude scenes in an hour quite a feat considering there were at least 15 minutes of commercials.

7 onadrought { 02.17.09 at 8:08 pm }

Max was not a nice person, glad she has gone. That nasty comment was unwarrented.
You’re right about Underbelly – check out what I wrote about it in my blog.

8 kim at allconsuming { 02.17.09 at 10:40 pm }

Writing was on the wall on Sunday night when Jas just slammed her as ‘sloppy’. Once Jesse was out the writing was on the wall for Max. Out of the girls Max’s was the only DFYL I saw and it was underwhelming – lots of just jumpy walking across the stage – nothing compared to what she pulled out during her auditions. There was no jump on your TiVo, Jas said nothing to the girls, he just said straight up, ‘Max it’s you’ … or words to that affect.