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The Biggest Loser Jeda and Jodie Eliminated

Last night the young mums Jodie and Jeda from country NSW were eliminated from The Biggest Loser. Jodie of course sobbed her way through the whole episode so by the end I was glad she was gone – show some stoicism girl. But congratulations for their weight loss they have achieved since they left the show 2 months ago. Jeda has lost 23.5 kg, and Jodie has lost 18 kgs, this is a much better effort than Tania and Ramses who were eliminated the week before who had barely lost 10 kgs.

But the highlight of the show was Mel and Holly deciding to vote for Jodie and Jeda, rather than the team Nathan and Andrew had wanted them to vote for.

Nathan is such a misogynist  or in the Aussie vernacular a sexist prick, thinking that he could tell Holly and Mel who to vote for. And he is such a moron he let them and the other teams know how pissed off he was about it. Also I think he is a bit of a bully as well. Go girls for standing up to that type of behaviour.

Why would Mel and Holly want to keep on a team that is align with the strongest team? Everyone knows if Nathan and Andrew go below the bottom line they will be voted off.