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Farmer Wants A Wife – Episode 2 – The Group Date

I am starting to think Tasmainian farmer  Damien is quite cute especially when he was trying to surf.  Also I think he is trying to pick women who are genuine. There has been a change this year as the farmers  get to pick three girls to go the farm previously it has only been two. He chose Alana, Stacey, and Rachel.

Ralph the former polo player was more superficial. He was taken with 20 year old Sandra the former model. How can you be a former model at 20? Shouldn’t that be failed model.  In the end  he decided not to take her to the farm. He decided to take Courtney, Cirie, and Merran. Merran earlier in the date had revealed she had suffered from anorexia and had really struggled with the belly dancing lesson.

Paul picked Nerena, Bridie (a former flame), and Bernice(not sure I got that name right). However I think Nerena is the front runner, as he has just about declared his feelings for her. And she said to him she had fallen in love at first site. So will this make it wedding number three for the series?

Tim who went on a fishing date picked Tamara, Catherine,  and Ryley.

Andrew the youngest picked an opera lesson for his group date.  He picked Jess, Ashleigh, and Marie.  Marie was a surprise pick as she is a single mum, and he said he was not ready to be a father.

Jenny picked Andrew,  Stephen, and Owen. She really likes Owen, I think he is a weirdo, and possible stalker material.

Next week the girls and guys will be on the farm and this is when it really gets interesting.


1 Alicia { 02.21.09 at 10:55 am }

I nearly died when Ryley said “hey”!!!! I would have changed my mind right then and there on the spot!!!! She is so childish…he should’ve gone with his intuition when he thought that she wasn’t taking it seriously……we even see in the preview for next week Ryley saying: there are sheep, real sheep…….aah… yeah..Ryley- you forgot to read the fineprint in your application….he is a F-A-R-M-E-R……..she’s irritating enough on tv without having to know her in real life!!! Good luck Tim, you might need some ear-plugs!!!

2 Reality Raver { 02.22.09 at 9:39 pm }

I am not sure why they pick the young ones. Ryley is about 22 isn’t she?? Really does she really want to settle down on a farm out at whoop whoop? It is a bit like Nick from last series picking the 19 year old ‘model’ Kristy – completely unrealistic.

3 Alicia { 02.23.09 at 7:23 am }

Here Here Reality Raver!!! I know what you’re saying about Nick from the last show……but he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth that boy!!! Ryley……oh dear……Wed nights are going to get interesting or partially annoying!!! My friend agrees with you about the stalker material of Owen……scary thought!!! Nothing like men to get their teeth into the rel competition side of it though.