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Ladette To Lady – Episode 2 – The Hunt

 “I feel you are trying to turn us into decorated fuck dolls for the pleasure of men.” sparkie Sarah Brunton said to Eggleston Hall cook Mrs Scragher.

This was just about confirmed when two older “gentlemen” were talking to girls about the hunt and said when Sarah was cracking the whip  “take her to the bedroom right now.”

Nicole the petite stripper who knows  a thing or two about sleazy men quite rightly got angry and upset and said they were not gentlemen.She also could have pointed out they were old enough to be the girls father.

The etiquette seemed quite non-plussed and told the angry Nicole “Men are all the same”. So is it up to the women to modify their behaviour, but the men can behave how they wish? Like Danny Nulliah blaming the Victorian bushfires on women having abortions it appears that it is always the women’s fault.

Even at the same hunt party the older sleazy men were trying to get the ladettes drunk, and when Nicole started stripping all the men got leary looks on their faces. You would have thought none of them had seen breasts before. Not that she stripped that far down.

Having said that I got slightly bored this episode as they were all pretty well behaved and I kept on hoping for some outrageous drunken behaviour to lighten up. If I want to see a pheasant plucked I’ll watch Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall at the River Cottage on the Lifestyle Channel. 

Emily was eliminated the reason given because she was boring and stupid. Her  problem was she was showing no ladette behaviour something confirmed in this interview with her in TV Week

Also here is an elimination interview with TV Week whose stay at Eggleston Hall did not change her as her aim now is to pose for FHM or Zoo mag.


1 Anonymous { 02.19.09 at 2:46 pm }

I completely ignored the advertised episode of L2L on Tuesday night – I figured that it was one of those annoying “encore presentations” (i.e. Nine was disappointed with the opening night ratings so tried to trawl some more viewers before the second episode). Oops. My bad.

I’m still amazed that Emily was cast in the first place, so not at all surprised to see her go. (Love the Hugh F-W comment!)

2 onadrought { 02.19.09 at 6:39 pm }

I hope they keep Sarah in, her quotes go down as some of the best on reality TV, “decorated fuck dolls”, cacked myself when she said that. I hope they keep her in for a while, more unique than the ususal drunk, flashing tits type.

3 Reality Raver { 02.19.09 at 11:27 pm }

Anon – It was not a great episode or maybe two eps in two night is L to L overload. You barely saw Emily – she was eliminated do to the unethusiastic way she handed out canapes.

Onadrought I think she will stay in for awhile – let’s hope she makes more comments like that. She basically said what most people think about the show.

4 nick { 10.21.09 at 1:04 am }

get those pommie horse faced fucks that promote male chauvanism to cut their own throats and stay in that shite island—this is aus