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So You Think You Can Dance Australia – And Now There Were 16

So you can do one of the best dance for your life routines in any series EVER and you get eliminated. WTF is that all about. Stephen’s bicycle routine was original and just brilliant, but the judges thought he should be the one to go. Outrageous. Yes the guys all did three great routines, but I thought Timomatic’s was nowhere near as good as Loredo’s and Stephens. Both of theirs were just breathtaking.

This is why getting the right partner at the start of the competition is so important. Stephen was always going to struggle to stay in the show partnered with Ash-Leigh, because her lack of warmth was not going to draw in as many votes as the other dancers.

Whilst on the other hand Emmanuel is managing to stay in due to Talia’s popularity. Anyway speaking of Ash-Leigh I actually it was unfair that she was eliminated tonight.

I am going to be a hypocrite in saying if she had not been voted out I would raised the probity issue of Jason Gilkison being on the panel, due to her dancing for his stage show. But her dance for your life was very good, whereas I thought Chanelle had to many rythmic gymnastic moves in hers, and after all of Lamb’s big talk about an aggressive routine I found it rather tame.

By the way I think Jason G should be on the panel every week as he has more charisma than Bonnie Lythgoe and Matt Lee added together.

Was Stephen kicked off just because he was partnered with Ash-Leigh? Was Timomatic kept in because they did not want to kick off a hip hop artist and they want to show his growth in the competition?


1 FifiLamour { 02.23.09 at 9:33 pm }

The cyclist routine took SYTYCD to another place! And don’t the crowd love it! I think Stephen will show up again somewhere soon, he has such charisma.

2 Anonymous { 02.23.09 at 10:31 pm }

Confession: I’m indifferent to Stephen. His cyclist solo was like Forever’s policeman solo to me. That said, I don’t think he should have gone – my pick would have been Timomatic out of the bottom three, and Emmanuel, out of them all. I think Loredo had the most amazing solo of the night, DANCE wise.

I agree with everything else you said! As for why they kicked off Stephen over Timomatic… I think they are obssessed with Timomatic and Lamb being the ~lovers~ storyline. They all keep playing it up, except for the actual dancers. Remember how they did it to Lacey and Kameron, even though Lacey was dating Hok at the time? Maybe Jason saw Stephen’s solo like Forever’s – entertaining, but not so much about dance.

Did you hear about Complexions? OMG so exciting. It would have been devastating if Loredo left in front of Desmond and Dwight. I bet they’d be pissed.

3 Reality Raver { 02.23.09 at 10:47 pm }

Fifi – Hopefully you will be right, perhaps he will come back as a choreographer next series.

Anon – I missed the Complexion comment I presume Desmond and Dwight were the two panned to in the audience – I would be gratefully if you could update me.

Yes I think you make a good point about keeping the lovers theme going, also he is the best hip hop dancer in the competition. Timomatic’s girlfriend must be thrilled with all the romance rumours circulating. I doubt the dancers would have the time or energy for sex.
Re: Stephen I was neutral about him. We did not see much of him in the show, and unfortunately the only time he really got to showcase himself was in the solos and I really liked what I saw.

I agree with you about Emmanuel he should be the one to go, but I predict he will make top 10 and when the individual voting occurs he will be voted out.

4 bella vita { 02.23.09 at 10:58 pm }

loved loved stephen, and sad he went tonight…TV Week again this week playing the lovers connection..finally for once TV week is dishing dirt again like the late 80’s!

I agree jAson G is a fab fab guy….the audience likes him too and apparantly a lovely guy within dance circles.
Matt is just a nice guy that never shows emotion, same with Bonnie…much prefer controversial and outspoken judges.

Matt’s hat as again the London Bobbies last night, and something that looked like he served icecream hat tonight.

5 bella vita { 02.23.09 at 11:00 pm }

forgot to add…yes agree that Timomatic should have gone tonight…him and Loredo are too similar in a lot of ways and Loredo much much better.

LAMB: Boring, boring, boring, poor style, not memorable and average dance skills. Cannot believe she’s still there…and also has the weirdest name of a Reality Show person for a long time.

6 Anonymous { 02.23.09 at 11:06 pm }

I think your prediction about Emmanuel will be correct. I really think Talia is carrying him. It’s unfortunate because she is blamed for a lot of his weaknesses. I think her Cha Cha was the best ballroom technique displayed by a non-ballroom female dancer so far.

Re: Desmond and Dwight. Jason Coleman at one point (I think it was after the monks performance? Can’t remember.) said that we had Desmond Richardson and Dwight Rhoden in the audience, as the camera panned to them he said Complexions will be performing next week.

Isn’t it a shame that Chanelle and Emmanuel weren’t eliminated, then we could have had Talia and Loredo pair up and Desmond and Dwight could choreograph!

Imagine the Katee/Will pas de deux danced by Talia/Loredo…

7 Reality Raver { 02.23.09 at 11:09 pm }

Bella Vita – I know this isn’t a fashion blog but I don’t even think baseball hats suit him. He always just looks to me as if he is trying to be cool, when really he isn’t. Just for the record I am totally uncool.
Maybe they should have a new reality tv show called from Uncool to Cool, I would apply. Sorry I am now rambling must go to bet. Agree re: Lamb at the moment I think the three stand out girls are Talia, Pania and Gianne. It will be interesting to see if Amy can find some mojo. This may happen once she gets rid of Damien.

8 Reality Raver { 02.23.09 at 11:12 pm }

Anon – the light bulb just went off in my head. Thanks for the update. Yes I got distracted at that point of the show.

Bella Vita – I feel there could be a blog post in worst reality contestants names. Spike from Project Runway would have to figure in it. Twitch from SYTYCD as well.

9 Anonymous { 02.23.09 at 11:26 pm }

Talia, Pania and Gianne are my favourite three girls, too! Yay! My brain knows that Amy is a fine dancer, but I thought her solo last week was paint-by-numbers, and I don’t feel anything from her, you know? Maybe it’s just me…

LOL at the blog post in worst reality contestants names. Can we include Timomatic? It sounds like an appliance from Fisher and Paykel. Also, Nacho Pop needs a honourable mention, even though he’s not a contestant, I reckon!

10 RRr { 02.24.09 at 3:03 pm }

Finally watched the show…I am in the minority here but I enjoyed Timomatic’s solo more than Loredo’s and Stephen’s. I appreciated Timomatic’s isolation and thought Loredo’s hop-py turns a bit of a let down. (but maybe he intended to do that)

I didn’t think Loredo and Chanelle deserve to be in the bottom three. They had a hard salsa and they committed to it. Emmanuel is this year’s Demi? Lacking in classical technique but lots of charm and performance ability.

11 Anonymous { 02.24.09 at 4:53 pm }

“Emmanuel is this year’s Demi? Lacking in classical technique but lots of charm and performance ability.”

I think he’s being carried by Talia like how Jack carried Demi. I actually think Demi was a stronger dancer than Emmanuel, though. I feel really bad for Talia.

12 onadrought { 02.24.09 at 6:21 pm }

Asleigh was the worst female dancer, technically and also not much personality. I thought it a no-brainer that she would go last night.

Bonnie should go. Cringeworthy comments. Natalie so much better this year.

13 kim at allconsuming { 02.24.09 at 8:14 pm }

I’m struggling to watch it this year because of the judges. They just shit me. Jas thinks he is so good. Matt is a goose. Bonny more irritating that that little pebble in your shoe.

Although maybe I’m just cranky because Biggest Loser is becoming a contest in stupidity as much as weight loss.

14 Reality Raver { 02.24.09 at 10:58 pm }

Anon – Nacho Pop is THE weirdest name. In fact I am not sure how much value he adds to the show. Maybe because I am not seeing him on the Optus network.

RRR – Girl I knew thought the same re: Timomatic really loved his routine, and said it was just such a different hip hop style.

Anon – Regarding Emmanuel personally I am not getting the charm or personality. I love his girlfriend Pania but he just reminds me of a guy with a goofy smile.

All Consuming: Agree Jason has ego issues. I hope he choreographs this year. Matt Lee did last year. I still don’t get why Bonnie is a judge.