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So You Think You Can Dance Australia – Top 18

What was with the repeat of the group dance from Monday night? The Kelley Abbey routine was great but they have enough going on tonight without the need for filler. I now agree with a RR reader about the similarity of the Wade Robson Zombie type routine now I have had a second viewing.

Just an aside I am seriously not coping with the return of the nappy pants. Pania had a pair on in the introduction. It brings back memories of the days I had a purple silk pair, and a perm. I don’t know which one I am more scarred by.

Did you notice the applause the audience gave special guest judge Jason Gilkison? He definitely adds a bit of oomph to the judging panel.

Jason Coleman as usual complimented Natalie Basssingthwaite on how she looked. Personally I thought she looked like she was wearing a sarong. It was from Willow if anyone wants to avoid that store.

Kat & Danny – Jazz – Katy Perry – Hot and Cold

Again they repeated the Danny package (as they did with everyone else’s)where he said that his grandma raised him as his mum was 14 when she had him. His mother has died, but he does not mention if he still sees his mother.

Aleeta Blackburn was the choreographer and the story line is about shop front dummies that come to life and get together.

Kat’s costume of red sequin disco pant, and silver sequin bolero jacket was gold. You can just imagine hundred’s of Mardi Gras Party ticket holders just saying I need that outfit. NOW.

About half way through the routine I was wondering is it the dancing or the routine? I suspect a bit of both. I thought the second lift where she lay on his shoulders was botched. Also I thought there were a few stilted moves. However maybe I was watching a different routine, as all the judges loved it. Jason Coleman made some minor criticisms about Kat being out of time at the beginning, and that their faces changed when they were about to do a lift.

BJ and Gianni – Contemporary – Natasha Bedingfield – The Scientist (Live)

Debbie Ellis Linnert is the choreographer, and it is another boy meets girl routine , is there any other plot in dance?

I love Debbie’s choreography it was joyful, and both BJ and Gianne rocked. Gianne just popped in the yellow dress.

It made the first routine look even worse. All the judges gushed about the dancers and the choreographer.

Lamb and Timomatic – ballroom latin – Neyo – Miss Independent

I loved the way hip hop dancer Timomatic screamed an enthusiastic “oh yeah” when he saw that he had drawn ballroom latin this week. Really he was think he would rather stick his head in a bucket of pus than dance the cha cha.

Choreographer Michael Glikman was given the challenge of turning these hip-hop dancers into sultry latin movers.

I thought this was going to be a disaster, but I really liked it especially the first half. There did not appear to be much ballroom moves in it.

Bonnie and Natalie were still whipping up the Lamb and Timomatic are on together rumour.

Jason Coleman loved it but queried whether there was any cha cha in it. Jason Gilkison confirmed there was very little, but place the blame “at the discrepancy of the choreographer.”

Matt Lee “Would have liked to see more attack”.

Ash-Leigh and Stephen – Contemporary – Kings Of Leon – Use Somebody

Ok did anyone else think there was a big conflict of interest with Jason Gilkison commenting on this routine when Ash-Leigh has been dancing in Burn The Floor – A Jason Gilkison production?

In the US version of SYTYCD Debbie Allen absented herself off the judging panel whilst a student of hers was on the show. Now I wouldn’t want to go that far to kick him off as he adds value to the panel, but he should at least declare the connection.

Choreographer Marko Panzic was covering his arse about his routine when he said he thought the chemistry between them was lacking. So that will be the reason it sucked is what he was really saying.

It was quite a good routine but Ash-Leigh just does not do it for me. I really think they will be bottom three again. I think Stephen’s journey on this show is going to cut short because of his partnership with her. He needs to get a new partner soon.

Jason Coleman said “Nice work for a ballroom dancer, but watch your walk as it retains your latin sexiness.”

Jason G said it “was a relief to see you pull out a routine like that.”

Chanelle and Loredo – Ballroom Latin – Eddie Palmieri – La Malanga

How fabulously wonderful was Loredo tonight? It was fantastic. Chanelle has lucked out being paired with Loredo. She is good, but he is at this point the best dancer in the competition. And all the dancers should take a lesson from him on how to change the expression on your face during a routine.

Oliver and Luda were the choreographers of this fantastic salsa.

The judges used a lot of superlatives to describe the performance, except Jason Coleman who thought it was a mess after the first 20 seconds. WTF?

Damien and Amy – Hip Hop – Roisin Murphy – You Know Me Better

Travers Ross choreographed a husband and wife super hero routine, and it had as much hip hop in it as Lamb and Timomatic’s routine had cha cha. I think Amy is going to get unlucky by being partnered with Damien and I would not be surprised if they were bottom three again. Oh if Stephen an Amy were dancing together now that would be a pairing.

It generally received reviews from the judges. Jason C wanted “Amy to go a bit harder,” but he thought “Damien was good for a ballroom dancer.”

Whereas Jason G thought the opposite. He thought Damien was the weakest link.

Pania and Ben – Ballroom Latin – Cyndi Lauper – Walk On By

We caught a glimpse of last year’s dancer Jemma Armstrong as she assisted choreographer Brendan Humprhies in teaching Pania and Ben the Rhumba.

It was absolutely stunning. Is Pania the dark horse to win the competition? She definitely has talent and presence. It was sultry, and as Natalie Bassingwaite said “I felt it”. And I believed Ben was straight for the 2 half minutes the routine went on.

Jason G gave Pania the thumbs up even though there were problems with her technique “she mesmerised him” and he said “Ben was probably the best partner in the competition.”

Penny and Charlie – Jazz – Gabriella Cilmi – Don’t Wanna Go To Bed

The air hostess role in this Kelly Aykers routine suited Penny perfectly. You could see her being one of Richard Branson’s trolley dolly’s once her dancing career is kaput.

I thought the routine was ok, but something I will have forgotten about very quickly. I think Charlie will go far in the competition, and Penny has been lucky to be paired with him. Not that she deserves to go this week.

Talia and Emmanuel – Hip Hop – T-Pain ft. Chris Brown –Freeze

How gorgeous did Talia look in the blue sequinned hot pants? I have to confess my view of Nacho Pop’s choreography has not improved since season one. However I am sure other people think otherwise. I know Talia has a lot of fans, but will this keep them out of the bottom three?

Matt Lee “thought she struggled”, Bonnie disagreed with Matt and thought she did a good job.

Thumbs up all round for Emmanuel, except Jason C thought Emmanuel “lacks musicality”.

Tonight again showed the improvement from last series.

My predictions for bottom three is Emmanuel and Danny, Ash-leigh and Stephen, and Amy and Damien.


1 Anonymous { 02.23.09 at 5:44 am }

I agree with your bottom three, but I think Lamb & Tim should be in there. Not sure if they will end up there, though, I just wish they’d be there. I really am not feeling that couple. The little Latin that they did have in that, was danced real bad with such stiff hip action, I hated it. I adore Talia and reckon they were being too tough on her, especially in those heels. I think she’s one of the best female dancers there, and if she goes before Penny, Ash-Leigh and Chanelle do, I’m going to be really annoyed!

Penny was lame, she was in her specialty and was outdanced by a Hip Hop specialist. The repeat of the Top 20 group dance showed me how crap her technique can be, again, in her own specialty. It’s just pathetic that she’s in the competition, I can’t stand her. Ash-Leigh sucks, but I recognise her talent in her field. Penny, on the otherhand, no.

Loredo is awesome too, he worked that Salsa so hard! Chanelle is a bit blah for me.

2 Anonymous { 02.23.09 at 8:02 am }

BTW, I soooooooooooo agree with you on the Ash-Leigh and Jason Gilkison thing. She has worked with him for SEVEN YEARS. It annoys me that they do not acknowledge the connection, and the way she says in her profile “I’ve toured with a ballroom show”. Yeah, Jason Gilkison’s ballroom show.

How can there NOT be a conflict of interest?

3 RRr { 02.23.09 at 12:33 pm }

I agree that there wasn’t enough cha-cha in Lamb/Timomatic piece, but I didn’t think there was enough cha-cha in Talia/Emmanuel’s piece last week…and that was done by Jason Gilkison, right?

I think the dancers’ styles/specialization are really just ‘labels’ for the viewers’ benefit. Lamb clearly said she danced ballet/jazz growing up and just switched to hip hop three years ago, Charlie’s clip showed him doing jazz as a kid, and Kat mentioned that she did jazz. But somehow they are all just labeled as hip hop dancers. Kind of like Sara from US SYTYCD 3 labeled as a b-girl when she did jazz/ballet/tap/figure skating growing up. Her g-girl stuff cannot compare to Demi’s.

For me the bottom three girls were Talia, Amy, and Ash-Leigh (in that order) and I can’t really pick three guys. Talia and Amy are great dancers but they really were doing ‘steps’ in part of their pieces.

4 Reality Raver { 02.23.09 at 1:46 pm }

Anon – Agree re: Loredo the way he moved in the back end of the dance was phenomenal. Do you think Chanelle is a Lara Bingle wannabe? I cracked up when I saw her wearing a Shire Girl Tshirt in rehearsals.

RRR – I agree with what you are saying about the labels some of the hip hop dancers have had years of other training and they are just saying a preference for a style of dance.
I think Talia is going to find Emmanuel as a liability and she will land in the bottom three tomorrow night.

I feel a bit sorry for Amy, great dancer but this does turn into a popularity contest at times and her personality is not coming across.