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The Biggest Loser – Amanda and Stewart Have Been Eliminated – Not Happy

SPOILER ALERT: First I just want to thank TV Week for reporting in their latest issue that Amanda and Stewart were eliminated from The Biggest Loser tonight. Imagine my surprise when I opened up the mag and there was an article about Holly and Mel training this week with Emazon. That could only mean one thing they were not going home.

I can also presume they survive the surprise elimination that was to happen one hour after tonight’s elimination which will be screened tomorrow night.

Anyway I am hoping either Nathan and Andrew or Cameron and Sam go. Just because they are the least likeable teams left.

The look on Nathan’s face was priceless suddenly he was not in control of the game.

I also found it interesting that all the nice teams voted to keep Amanda and Stewart in. I know it is a game, but really Amanda needed it much more than Holly and Mel.

Anyway it looks like they are doing a great job on the outside with her dropping 22 kgs since she started the show, and even better she and Andrew both look really happy.


1 bella vita { 02.23.09 at 10:52 pm }

yes well done to them to losing a lot of weight post house..

Holly and Mel are a waste of time!

Quite a few spoilers in TV week this week!

2 Reality Raver { 02.23.09 at 11:01 pm }

Yes I noticed all the Gossip Girl ones, any others I missed?

3 disco queen { 02.24.09 at 12:26 pm }

i predict that the couple eliminated tonight in the ”surprise” move won’t be eliminated at all … but spirited away to train with someone else while the others are oblivious to this fact. Hence, perhaps Molly and Helly are, in fact, ”eliminated”. Or maybe not.
And, my, hasn’t there been some cat fighting in this series. Sammy is seriously awful .. and Amanda ain’t much better

4 Reality Raver { 02.24.09 at 10:49 pm }

Disco Queen you are correct sort of. Hilarious that one team has to eat takeout for a week and the other team are surviving on $10 a day. I think it is interesting that they are on a tight budget but they bought coles lettuce leaves in a packet that is at least $3.00.

5 disco queen { 02.26.09 at 1:05 pm }

lettuce in a bag?! that is mad .. those boys obviously never do the shopping at home .. you can get a whole iceberg lettuce for 99 cents surely