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Ladette To Lady – The Tea Party

I am glad the girls did not have to pay for their haircuts, as they were styles you would see on fifty year old women. This show is trying to snuff the life out the Ladettes. Bianca who ended up being eliminated was told to quiten down.

However if you quiten down to much you get criticised like Kristyn did for being too placid.

Tonight’s episode really did not show much bad behaviour at all unless you call butchering all those cakes comes under that definition.

It was a night of revelations.

Nicole, who I really like, revealed she had had a tough upbring. I really felt sorry for her. But I also like her spirit and personality.

Sarah was upset whilst doing the flower arranging as it reminded her of death and she revealed her sister had died 18 months ago.

Bianca was the one who was eliminated, and she went home gracefully. 

The show has had a ratings drop so it will be interesting to see if Channel 9 will continue with the second series.


1 Injera { 02.25.09 at 10:18 am }

I think the girls are in a pretty tough position, here. As you say, they are criticised if they are too quiet, but they are all aware that the process of becoming a “lady” means that the so-called rough edges need to be smoothed off.

It was good to see some more of the girls’ characters and personalities come through, but this is a difficult show to pull off and I’m beginning to think that the Brits might have managed to get the chemistry right in a way that Nine just hasn’t. If the girls are too “ladette” for too long, they come off as obnoxious and viewers turn off. If the “lady” transformation is too quick, it becomes boring, which is another a turn-off. Hmmm. Who’d’ve thought it would be such a delicate ecosystem?

2 Christie @ Fig & Cherry { 03.01.09 at 6:58 pm }

Thanks for the update! I haven’t watched any of this season – but I saw the very first British one. It’s a totally addictive show – so bitchy! :)