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So You Think You Can Dance – And Now There Were 14

Talia must be so happy tonight as she will now get to dance with Loredo and I am expecting big things for this partnership.

The bottom six were Talia and Emmanuel, BJ and Gianne, and Loredo and Chanelle.

Loredo’s solo was magnificent, BJ’s very good, and Emmanuel was very athletic but not much dancing.

Chanelle’s was mostly rhythmic gymnastics moves. Gianne’s was Josephine Baker reincarnated which was a good thing. She is quite magnetic. Talia’s was mesmerising. Matt Lee was gibbering about it being difficult decision and did anyone want to swap with him. Personally I thought it was pretty easy tonight.

And the judges made the right decision with both Emmanuel and Chanelle being eliminated.

Other highlights from the show:

  • Tania Joubert choreographed opening group number it was a cracker tribal number. More of her please.
  • The muscly male dancer from Complexions ballet from New York? His legs were so defined. Yes I did enjoy it alot.
  • A preview from Mary Murphy a judge from the US series of SYTYCD, who will be guest judging next week. Yay. If only Bonnie could suck some of her personality out of her.
  • Lily Allen was good I liked her song – was it about Posh Spice? Did Penny get the irony of the song?


1 Anonymous { 03.02.09 at 9:31 pm }

That man from Complexions was Desmond Richardson (unless my eyes deceived me) and he is seriously amazing. Search for videos of him dancing on YouTube, you won’t be disappointing.

Talia’s solo was AWESOME. That’s one of my favourite female solos EVER on SYTYCD. Certainly trumps any solo from US Season Four, for me.

2 Reality Raver { 03.02.09 at 9:40 pm }

Anon – You are just a font of dance information. I love it. I learn something new off you this week. I will definately look at YouTube. I think it is Talia’s time to shine. I was surprised with Gianne and BJ in the bottom six.

3 Anonymous { 03.02.09 at 9:53 pm }

Aw, thanks RR. Yeah, I think it’s Talia’s time to shine, and I cannot wait! I was surprised with Gianne and BJ in the bottom too, I thought Lamb and Tim would have been there instead.

4 notmensa { 03.03.09 at 9:40 am }

Did anyone see who was sitting next to Mary Murphy? From the brief glimpse I got it looked like Dan Karaty. No shout-out though. Could he be a surprise choreographer for the next show??

I’m really looking forward to seeing Talia with Loredo. It was great that Jason acknowledged how hard Talia had to work with Eman on Sunday night.

5 Dolph Ziggler { 03.03.09 at 1:39 pm }

Raver, how many legs did you say that guest dancer had?

6 Anonymous { 03.03.09 at 4:57 pm }

I found a video of Talia’s solo. It’s way better than the video on the OS, because Channel Ten change the music because of copyright or some rubbish. This one has the original music + you can watch it in high quality.

You should post it!

7 Reality Raver { 03.03.09 at 9:33 pm }

Not Mensa – I missed Dan Karaty I hope you are right. He did not choreograph at all on last years SYTYCD.

Dolph – Ha ha.